Why do people often help scammers and denied to those who really needs help?

a question I was asked in the comments to my article.

Indeed, it is not uncommon when the scammers get some help from people, and those who have real problems.

Let's will try to find out more. Knowing the description of many cases of fraud, plus personally once in several similar situations, I believe that there is some explanation of why this is so.

first, I think, the people who helped fraudsters is not worth much to blame. Is that only in negligence. you Cannot blame the person in the gullibility, as, in General, the credibility of the person and the world is decent quality.

to understand why we are helping the scammers, you need to deal with those who are the scammers and how they operate.

so, scams is a very intelligent and thoughtful people. All they do is quality-designed manipulation. Most of us have some values, and the scammers play on this. Calling for help, they do a very good emphasis on a particular human value, causing us feelings of pity and compassion...

For example as you the message: "hi. I need help. Yesterday my son had an accident, he has a fractured skull. He needs an urgent blood transfusion, but since his blood is rare, person-the donor needs to pay 50 thousand rubles. I don't have that kind of money, could you lend me two thousand?"

If it's written from the account of some at least unfamiliar person, because the first thought most will - take and transfer money (of course, if you do not need them at this moment...).

This is an example of cynical elementary the manipulation of our senses. And such examples in the lives of many.

the One who seduced victim of manipulation. In fact, helping here, people do it because forced to do so according to their principles...

When we are faced with the requests of real people, especially those who are familiar to us, we work other mechanisms.

Ordinary people manipulators please differently. They tend to do it in paint, without details. Often, when we ask, we do it carefully. Therefore, there is not always included emotional response to the request, we do not always understand that a person really needs, simply because this to our "need" to the extent necessary not told...

to remedy this situation you need to:

  • first, everything has to be careful when you for help turn to us strangers. If we sincerely want to help, you can propose a meeting to discuss all the details. If the person really needs help - he will likely agree, if this is a behavior he will probably drop the case and go further to look for more easy money...

  • second, to listen to the requests of familiar people. Test yourself with questions: "maybe what I think is unimportant - it is important for him?"or, "If I refuse him, not if I do it, devaluing the situation in which it is located?"

  • and, of course, to those who ask it would be nice to do it more confident, describing the whole situation for what it is. Do you want some cynical Scam helped, and you refused?...

Awareness and confidence to all of us!)

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