Scandal in Russian "Voice. Children": the consequences of the ambitions of parents


In the neighboring country, a scandal erupted around the show “the Voice.Children”, which was to cause  solid mi-mi-mi, because it is not just adults uncle and aunt to measure ranges and melismas. In this young and immature talent show the successes achieved in the vocals.

what scandal?

the Victory went to 11-year-old Michelle Abramova, which is itself a cute lovely girl and has a pleasant timbre, but he played poorly, not really hitting the right notes, and only won because she is the daughter of Julia, a forgotten singer from the 90's and Yana Abramova, the oil tycoon.

folks used administrative resources to ensure his daughter's victory - the mother through the popular Insta-girl, although in this case, rather Insta-aunts encouraged to vote for Michelle, the Pope, as they say, simply paying for votes.

All this led to the fact that the Internet was a wave of Heitinga, Alsu had to close the comments in Instagram, and Micella became the most hated girl on the Internet.

On our TV also has a similar show, and indeed the children appear constantly on different bidding sites in many countries. Do not appear yourself. They are brought there parents. So what is this — the desire to reveal the world of children's talent or the way to satisfy their own ambitions? And do we need these baby contests, they are for children or for adults that make?

let's Start with the fact that competition in a child's life comes before any competition. And even completely out of them.  And still in school.  All these assessments, exams, competitions, competitions —  who better estimation of who can get the best certificate, will get a prize. Who has the best knowledge, who learns, who will go to a more prestigious UNIVERSITY.

In principle, this is nothing terrible or wrong. First, any resource on Earth is limited, finite, people are always fighting with each other for the best place under the sun. Of course, that competition affects children.

secondly, to be the best at something is a great tool for self-assessment, the win reinforces the great ambitions.

Why talent contests are no different from any other competitions. The only thing I think that the age part they should have age limits.

I am categorically against participation of children less than 7-8 years, i.e. early primary school age. Prior to joining the school kids learn about the world, learn to speak, read, feed himself, to dress, to ask the toilet. They taste a lot different — dance, draw, read poems, sing — and in all this they are beautiful. Just because a kid is. But in this age of work even devoid of awareness, it's a parent “let”, which meet the children's “want”, because my mom suggested because all of the unknown is interesting. In addition, children are still deprived of the care, not able to hold back, not plucked from a life of fears and complexes. And, then, they are free in all its forms and this freedom is also beautiful, she captivates and touches any audience.

But whether these great, free kids haul on the big stage? No. Or try to make it an early success star. In 2011, the show Ukraine got talent 5-year-old Diana Kozakevich. She read poems surprisingly clear voice and Mature tone, which caused the affection not only of the jury but also the viewers. Later, flushed with success, the parents dragged her on all the big contests and squeezed sweet age daughter high. But now she's 13 or 14 years old. Someone once heard about it? How now lives a teenage boy who was once a star? In this network I have not found information.

At the stage after 7-8 years, work becomes meaningful character, he tried the child selects several areas and develops. Deals with the relevant teachers or coaches. The more honed skills, the more they want to show, check your level of preparation. Then the time to enter the contests, but it is important to treat them the research “try”, “know”, “experience”, not to put everything on the “zero”, “we need to win at any cost”. For some “any” price are unmet parental ambitions. Not a child's wish “win or die”. Working with students, I never cease to be amazed that many to 10 years to acquire this specific neurosis in terms of ratings. This fear of getting a low grade, and the fear of any control or test, or panic just “suddenly, I don't go to University”. Or “how I am 13-be, and I still don't know where to go and who to be in life”.

Our society is fixated on the idea of success, of course, that it affects children, parents put their standards high, because through fear they jump and jump short. Teachers and coaches also put a strap because of the success of the students and evaluate their work. And if a child is talented and by itself, has the ability, require it even more. It is not surprising that children often become tools, and a second chance for adults who failed in their life to climb as high as you want in a child.

I Remember once I was approached by a mother of 4 year old daughter complaining that she does not speak, I asked her a long and detailed about childbirth, prenatal and Natal period, the mode of the day, the family and could not find the reason for that could be hooked until the question about the activities of the mother said that girl leads courses and 5 foreign languages. Recently to a group of Romano-Germanic hooked and even Chinese. Thus in 4 years the child is still the mother tongue does not speak fully. The head has formed such a “mess” of the languages that the girl was just silent. My question is how many languages the mother knows that the response was “not at all, English is taught”. When I suggested to the mother at least one foreign language efficiently to learn and therefore have to want it from a child, she was offended and more to me did not come.

as for the Voice and to win Mikelly. Remember in the 90s when her mom Alsou began to sing for her, too, followed a bad whisper “daddy's money can become a star". And it's true,  no outstanding vocals, drive, energy to “swing” halls of the girl was not. Was not observed in the same frenzied performance, to make a great show.

Alsu was just a pretty girl, with a pleasant, but mediocre voice, she just was born into a wealthy family and my parents had the money to pay professionals who write a good song, remove quality clip and will make a good sound. All this has secured her a place in the world of showbiz.

But apparently, now that it was not enough. She decided to prove that the average singer can grow a winner vocal show “the Voice. Children”. So Micella became the most hated girl in the network. It's a good start for any career? I think not. To Mykella did not continue, let it be and raised in megatalented singer, for it will always follow this nasty smell bought victory.  unfortunately  this flavor will have to answer to her. And not her parents. Although it is entirely their responsibility.

Author: Elena Sundra

SOURCE: women's magazine  LISA

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