Scandal is way to old before my time


I Want to draw attention to this problem and make you think. To correct this situation and to change your life you can start at any age

for anybody not a secret that most people live with a serious internal conflict, and even not one.

Each of these nerasprodannye nodes, even separately, is able to deprive a person of success, family, health and to lead to early old age, the devaluation of life and imminent death.

It's about those internal contradictions that arose in childhood and is often not even understood.

People in our time, gaining experience, growing up and gradually separating from parental care often continues to cling to "mother's lap", trying to save his childishness.

This contributes to the attitude of parents, mostly mothers, who live "for the kids".
Forgotten the basic principle of our ancestors:

"Child is a guest in your house: feed, bring up and let go..."

So many men and women prefer to build relationships, and to play favorite and familiar children's and teenage games. And this is infantile, emotional reflection a child and teenager relationships parents in their family.

This adult man is able to change not only my attitude to himself, but himself as a whole, can correct and its relation to the world and to partner, to change their family's interactions.

But the adult child is used to doing so, so he/she can on games - to educate, to shame, to accuse or scold.

because of this conflict so often quickly become the format of the scandal and, instead of recognizing each other, partners just swear.

it is Known that people who constantly criticize and "to take them to the brain, nerves and health," do not live long.

Long-term stress man can't resist for long. Accumulate in the body, anxiety, sooner or later, will manifest itself in various physical ailments.

then do not be surprised that such a person quickly wears out, grows old and dies early.

Remember, how you behave in conflicts and contradictions as clean in your dealings with other people?

Ivanov Alexander
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