Scandalous people. Those who leave negative, angry comments, arguing they did not


     Perhaps, in your life time and again are met. It always surprised me. I think if people wrote some material, he expressed his point of view, and it is the place to be. If you don't agree, justify, join in the debate, but no…

      the Man categorically rejecting the opinion of the author, begins to position its position as the only correct one. Separate question: why? – Because “a priori, it is not correct, and that's it. I decided”.

   Accordingly, we can conclude that there is another true and proper position of the one who gives the comment under your material.

    How to understand who is right and who is not?

    I think this argument can go on forever. There is a third, which may make my point of view, as a kind of axiom.

    So what is the essence of what is happening, how to treat, and what to do about it?


     it is Difficult to prove his innocence, especially when you do not give such possibility (for example, sent to the ban, banned), you feel that person is not to convince, it is all the same, I will remain unconvinced.

     Let us understand in a nutshell what is happening from the standpoint of psychology.

    Probably not worth it to prove anything to anyone, just because you have different views, hence the person just thinks other categories.

     He does not think the way you mean, just not able to understand your position. He couldn't see it through your eyes.

    For example: we are brought up by different parents, in different conditions. The fact that one family was the norm, the other was ignored. Often this is manifested in the aspect of, for example, love: “I need lots of hugs, and he's cold”.  Then it turns out that his mother raised. He loves his girlfriend, but give her more love than it has, he's just not. This situation can be changed by correcting and adjusting a person's beliefs, but this requires individual work with a psychologist or psychotherapist.

     I Think that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Sometimes we also change our position. What to do in this case? - Should probably take, and if we do not respect the opinion of the author, not to indiscriminately hang tag: “you're wrong because you're wrong never, and generally I'm right…”

    Think it will be the best guideline is this: it I took for myself, as a kind of truth and I heard her once, Kovaleva S. V.: “I am fine; others fine; the world is in order; and God in the manner”. All deviations in this aspect, it would be better to eliminate, so they were not an obstacle to your happy life.

     If I accept the position of others, then I might as well have them learn something,  

therefore, I is the growth, development and increased awareness. A person who believes that he is the only right – stuck in your “hardwood” the vision and…. the choice, however for him.


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