Scared to go to a psychologist. And if you look at it differently?


I recently met with a second mother of our project “self-care”. And the conversation we talked about the psychological consultation. About how people perceive going to the psychologist and psychological assistance. br>
I remembered a situation I had several years ago. I found myself in a situation when it could not cope by herself. I was, subjectively, very bad. All the resources of self-help and the help of relatives have been exhausted. I realized that it's time to go for a consultation. br>
you Know what happened? I, a man with psychological education with knowledge about who are psychologists, how it works, what is going to happen, I realized that the scared out of your wits! I will come, and I will tell you that my problem is not the problem that others are much worse, and I worry there is nothing, why I came, etc. In mind were of the view that the psychologist's time when we land, and you plan to "go out the window." br>
I "saved" that I was brought to the extreme point. Of course, I wasn't going to say goodbye to life, but in this life I have to be on, didn't understand clearly. br>
About this story I told Ana. And she suggested a great definition of what consulting. If I could ever formulate a point of view, it is not brought themselves to a state of panic and went to counseling before. While I was still online while I was still force. And it would be much easier to cope with my difficulties. br>
So. If you do not perceive counseling as "treatment", if not to think "with me still not so bad that it is time to treat", and to think about the consultation as the learning will be much easier to help yourself in time. br>
Because psychologists really "teach". Learn what are unable to teach in the parental home. However, this is not the training, to which we are accustomed, but that is not important. Important charge definition. I have "treated" or do I have to "learn" what I lack for "happiness". br>
When I heard this, I realized that I just needed to share with you this view. It helps to look at the issue differently. I'm sure if my customers understand this difference, it would be much easier to make decisions about the need for consultation.

of Course, there are unique cases - a crisis, psychological trauma, post-traumatic syndromes and other special, complex cases. For them this definition is not suitable. There need specific help. But in all other respects, the perception of the psychologist as a teacher and assistant, it is permissible and removes a lot of anxiety. br>

Always for you, Alena Lavrova,

the counseling psychologist, SPb, Skype

Alena Lavrova
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