due To my work, I signed on a significant number of Ufa psychologists and colleagues from other cities. This isn't even considering a visit to specialized websites and forums. I read carefully these articles with notes and slightly... want to die. Just note the titles of their entries:

"to be or not to be relationship. The pathological jealousy of a partner"
"am I Afraid of their aggression"
"What if I got love?"
"I hate you, don't ever leave me"
"the Syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures (of STOCK)"

It's a real article just with the title page of one of the top sites psychological (our beloved B17). Nothing came up 

In my opinion, from these names there is only one specific psychological benefits, people are beginning to think "Lord, what terrible things happen to people. Thank God I'm not as star-burns on his head, and I don't need a psychologist".

And not go to a psychologist. One remains with the problem, and the psychologist is left without a client. And these two lonely never converge, because it provides a clear setting "To the psychologist I go to only people who have really bad".

Where is the ethics? Where is the sustainability? Where customer centricity, in the end? Friends, I spent three years of his life taught the collectors and believe me, even they don't scare the customers!

Imagine that you come to the doctor. Took a voucher, sit in the queue. It fits your turn, you go to the door, and the door has the inscription "Most of my clients die in pain from incurable diseases". Is it easy for you to go? And if not, why do you think that intimidating the client, you'll spare him the trip to you?

Bekhterev a hundred years ago said this wonderful saying: "If the patient after talking with the doctor easier, it's not a real doctor". And we, psychologists, are now doing so that person becomes bad, even before talking with us. And then wonder where are the clients?

Catch the message, and a causal relationship!

sincerely yours, Sergei Maximov.

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