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Yesterday in English we discussed the verb to see its value, if one party or another attaches a preposition. And my God, how many meanings. When my decadent mood, "How is it you can remember" met with the reaction of my teacher "please do not die!" I remembered again!

I watch endless craving to live and grow that makes sense to humans. So, you can hear it in every phrase of the film in English something that makes you richer in another sense. Not to feel stupid sheep, not to fall apart about this feeling of inferiority, and to be a researcher. We are clapping because you learned a new beautiful turn in the speech. And for someone who is alive is a treasure, and he will rejoice like a child. So simple. And so difficult at the same time for those who do not want to work, because it would be hard and boring to live at all.

Where I have an idea that something is supposed to be easy? Why does everyone think that will be something and will tighten and you will attract? Or someone will come and create a holiday like mother in childhood on your birthday? Happy is he who has solved the puzzle and learned to entertain himself. Next to him is fun and different.

Wealth is generated from within the meanings that people invest in their ordinary actions.

Therapeutic sensual experience of life in the daily access near us.

They can be in a hot Cup of good tea, warming the body and soul.

They are in full power of your favorite song with headphones and an open window.

They even how clean the floor when it washed back here.

They like a girl rushing to dress up, and as she kicks out her lipstick or new nail Polish.

They kissing in the most secret places from a loved one. And although they did not repeat Themselves you can learn to kiss yourself in their pleasure centers is not less juicy.

So simple and heartfelt that knowledge for me that alone you can do quite cosmic stuff. And to be happy about it.

Nadezhda Belyakova
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