Often, people are realizing that in order to become happier, they need to change themselves, begin this work on yourself. At first they, of course, scary because the outcome is unknown for sure. But even despite this, they continue to strive to change some beliefs and habits. The process of change is never easy and painless, because sometimes it is necessary to eradicate the fact that for many years has become so familiar, intuitive and native. Often people can't immediately see that their life is changing, meanwhile, the fatigue starts to accumulate. And there comes a time when a person has a strong desire to drop everything and go back to that way of life which he led before.

  In such a situation, a person more control of his fatigue and negativity about the fact that he is experiencing discomfort. At such moments, the internal resistance reaches its maximum value, and the person may fall. But abandoning their own decisions, he is unlikely to make itself better. Most likely, after some time, he will have a strong enough sense of guilt to himself because he refused to change out of the race. It is fraught with the development of a person is very unpleasant conditions.

  In such a situation, in my opinion, will be useful for such a metaphor. Imagine that person decided to swim solo across the English channel. He swam for some distance from the shore from which he started far enough away, but the other Bank, where the planned finish is not two steps away, but still closer. But the man is tired and close one and if he decides that he wants to stop swim, he will drown. With this return he won't have the strength, and to survive, it needs to reach the finish line. This is the only solution which guarantees his life. But even this is not the most enjoyable, the most satisfaction and sense of power people feel from what he was able to do it. Swam to the end.

  the Person being creative, as I always say, he can always find for myself a loophole to not do something even useful, but complex or deliver any inconvenience. So some people who are afraid of needles, avoid any vaccinations.

  Sometimes in life there are situations when there is a very pressing need to follow through, even then, to not lose self respect.

Live with radostyu!                                                      Anton Black.

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