Search for "his". Not half. Namely "their" man...


Look for "his". Not half. Namely "his" people. You immediately know. How? And you'll look like, although at first glance completely different. ©Elchin Safarli.

Often we search for love, strive for her, and she walks beside him.

Aspire to something unreal, magical, unusual. Normal seem commonplace, uninteresting, and something far away - so attractive and unusual. The desire to decorate your life with interests and friends of another person, inability to live their own lives leads us to not the best results. The lack of love and affection in childhood, is fairly closed life in adolescence (or too open). You can be very alone in the crowd, and the distance from the banal everyday society of ordinary people is pushing many girls into hasty actions that leads to attempts to escape from reality into another world, if only in kind, if only filled to at least some emotions and unusual situations. Saturation the life of another person, dissolution in it, attempt to replace your missing qualities qualities of a "beloved" man is a pitiful attempt to get away from the boredom of their own lives. A reluctance to deal with their own flaws leads to a "charm" and not love to his idol.

What is the difference between love and love? Love cannot be disappointed, because we perceive the person such what it is? Disappointed only in the "charm" or the so-called love, which runs on different data for 2 months – 2 years. When you love the person, we attach a lot more desirable qualities than he really is. Love can only as a real person and not fiction. Love – is closer (just a close, native person near who You will hear and understand you), in love You are with a man still far. Love is more straightforward (You're talking to someone in one language). Love – pretentious, wordy, misleading (call - won't call, come – not come). What did he mean when said that?

Sometimes we look for love, because "want" to fall in love. To love and to want to "love" two different things. We seldom can look for love in men who are not much then needed. And who always find an excuse not to be with us. Familiar?

We kind of figured out whether we like. And if we're loved?
the Man who loves You will never need to look for, he has no to You, the eternal excuses of "blockage" of extracurricular work and the endless "faculty meetings". You want to spend with your loved one a lot of time? Men, also want to spend with my girlfriend a lot of time. LOVED! Draw your own conclusions...
"Okay," You say, I understand. Will soon go there to relax and get acquainted.

On the tram, etc. meet only about 10% of couples that become eventually stable. The remaining pairs are formed in time of study (school, University, courses, etc.), at work, in the company of his friends... most stable couples created friends and associates. Where people can get to know each other.

If You decide to conquer the mountain several times, it is unlikely that this is your total stable interests. Remember, we talked about the convergence? How you can reach out to the person with whom you have nothing in common? To go to Goa and found a man there "in spirit"?.. It is a rarity. Rather, you both have a cottage there etc. and you have something to discuss.

anything stand out? Or not? Go back to the title. Maybe Your answer is there?..

Musayelyan Elena
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