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the crisis of breaking up with weak, less General and problematic employees. Valuable employees who feel confident at work, not looking her in times of crisis. As a result, the quantity increases and quality decreases. Why employees do not want to work? The question about the motivation during the crisis in the country, people start to work better.

Details about the engagement: PR/Advertising

  1. Information about the company and the job must match the motivators, the internal needs of the target group of candidates. To get to know them better to conduct an anonymous survey among employees. Programmers - software developers with an income of 5-7 thousand, and one of the key factors - office near metro.
  2. brevity – the sister of talent. Poorly perceived position, in which the spelled out too many requirements and factors of attractiveness. Much more relevant vivid and specific language. In an example it is possible to take simply a large retail chain or retail chain with outlets in 23 cities across the country. The second network will work better. In this case, employs the same principles as in advertising.
  3. it is Important to keep an attractive job title. Take, for example, "advertising agent" or "specialist in the sale of advertising space", which sounds better? Thus, it is better to say "expert warehouse operations" instead of "Steve."
  4. it is Also important to create a proper description of the compensation. Common mistakes in this aspect are of the "salary by results of interview" or "income from 10 to 100 thousand rubles", - the Association will with network marketing or Agency work with no income. It is better to simply describe the structure of the provided jobs: salary plus bonuses according to work results, the depreciation of the car, Lunches. It is important to note additional features in the future, such as career growth within 2-3 years.
  5. Unusual and striking facts about the company have a number of advantages. It is important to observe the uniqueness of the design, avoiding such common mistakes as outrageous and a provocation. The design should be focused on the target audience. The lower the item level, the less the level of turnout of candidates, raises a relevant question: "How to improve?"

A) to Use the motivational factors, which we received as a result ISSLEDOVANIYa) If important distance from metro/make of the vehicle and the like, then we specify this criterion.

C) you Can work off the cuff. For example, when talking with the candidate, ask him a question, "what is important for him when choosing a job?" In this situation, it is important to focus on what it calls the candidate, that is, if an important team that focuses specifically on it and its features. Career orientation determines the emphasis on the career.

  1. the Principle features and benefits: feature "we have a big company" or "we have a big company and there are all prerequisites for professional growth/selection of next place of residence." Any person at any stage it is important to motivate. Motivation "to come to us, then to work effectively", as in practice only tops and have the original sustainable motivation.
  2. it is Important to know its benefits, what makes us different for a candidate in the labor market. It is necessary to remember about ethical moments, that is, not to set up a meeting several candidates at one time, to warn that the first meeting short for 10-16 minutes. We must always remember that the reputation in the labour market is a significant factor, and the result in the form of feedback in social networks the candidate may have a negative impact on the reputation of the company. Also remember that an automatic invitation - reduces the probability of appearance of the candidate. If the candidates are many, that such an invitation is acceptable. But if the specialist of rare and hard to find it, it is better to take the time to call.

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