Search psychologist.


the Search for a psychologist.

there are some of my observations about how people are looking for a psychologist (if not looking) and why it works.
so a little trip into the world of the client.

  1. Quickly.
    This client is looking for quickly and rapidly finds. finds himself, without tips and recommendations, finds a first counter psychologist who resembles a mother. "Mommy has to get back to me because I can't stand to be apart from her so long." Anxiety, fear, compulsion. Drawn most often in the depressive phase. All is good, but only when such customer consciousness becomes clear that the psychologist is not his mother, he immediately out of therapy. To look for a mother on.
    2. Nafig not needed.
    This client is not looking for a psychologist himself, he prefers to psychologist was looking for it myself. This is laid out bait in the form of ads about the need for the psychologist with a problem description and clarity of understanding what you need from the psychologist. Psychologist bite on the bait and after a while of chatting (very interrupted and endangered species) realizes that this narcissistic demonstration of their injured ego is not a request to the psychologist, and the simple need for recognition. Recognition of the injury (not the one described by the customer). Therapy ends before it begins.
    "Mom, look what you did to me. Looked? Wali now from me, I don't need you. And shut the door behind him. Next, come in."
    3. Revenge.
    the Client finds the psychologist with the thoroughness characteristic of maniacs and psychopaths. The victim searched for a long time, the key criteria for the presence of the same way of responding to stress and trauma as the client. They feel it in everything, in appearance, writing style, everything. They just have to read all the weaknesses of a psychologist. Paranoia? I don't think.
    Then comes the request to a psychologist with a tragic background, which would have envied Shakespeare. The psychologist feels ambushed, but still goes there (often inexperienced)...and gets Just gets. the
    Therapy ends when the supervisor speaks directly to the psychologist that he was not able to anything to help this client, because it is a question of a psychiatrist.
    "Mom. look how bad I feel, I suffer. Doctor, explain to my mom that I feel bad. Doc, if you don't, I'll sue you in court. Doc, where are you going, wait?! ".
    4. Seduction.
    the Client is totally unconscious acting out their injuries or for the resolution of the Oedipus conflict to the psychologist of the opposite sex. This psychologist has to be as beautiful as mommy (daddy) and is so hot love the client. Therapy is in itself, and the client in therapy is in itself. Transference and countertransference are woven into a merger which does not unstick, as ever, somknuvshegosya in a dream. Therapy is an attempt to obtain the love of a mother (father) in the most Priblizhennoe form to the point of injury to oral, anal or genital stage. We're slowing down a lot and held without end unpack or just constantly excited. And this absolutely nothing is visible. Eyes closed in both. the
    Therapy ends or when a psychologist sees your countertransference and the client understands that mom went to dad's (and my father and mother) or when the client convey the essence of his transfer and he (she) understands that there will not.
    "Mom, I love you so much! Mother, be with me gentle and tender. Mom, I want you to give me all his love and tenderness. Mom, why won't you answer me? Apparently I was wrong. ".

Yes, this is only part of the script, and most likely they were closely aligned with the types of diagnosis. Yes, it's interesting. And Yes, this one does not want to know.

"the Customer is always right."

Maksym Stefanenko
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