Secrets of compatibility (continued).

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so, You have decided what type of temperament is Your temperament and Your child ( ) and know their characteristics, then You only have to understand how to more efficiently use the acquired knowledge. My articles will hopefully help You this will help You understand what, when and how to talk to your child and when to keep silent, when to support him and to help, and when to leave alone. Whether You like it or not, but in everyday life we all do things, make decisions, react to events that happen to us and our loved ones as either choleric or sanguine, or melancholic, or phlegmatic, this happened, happens and will happen always. But if You've come to expect from their loved ones reactions similar to Yours, now You know that's impossible and that mismatch, which until recently was led to your conflict and mutual misunderstandings, today no longer prevents You to build a harmonious relationship with the household.

the following series of articles I will try to be available to present to customers and visitors to our website recommendations that will help everyone to choose the best quality style of communication with children and to avoid many mistakes in their upbringing. The set of mental properties that characterize the temperament, manifesting itself in early childhood, the lifetime remains almost unchanged, and subsequently manifested in different situations, these properties of the psyche cannot be changed by education, so don't even try to do it with Your child. Don't waste your energy on the solution to unsolvable problems, no one else has ever been able to change the temperament of the child, it is not amenable to change and correction, and now, knowing this, You should always reckon with the peculiarities of the temperament of your child, it will help You understand it better. Do not use punishment and edifying conversation, do not put excessive pressure on the child's mind in order to transform Your slow phlegmatic nimble and quick, choleric, and touching in its vulnerability melancholic make an enthusiastic and active sanguine – understand and accept as a fact – it's IMPOSSIBLE. Thus striving to help your child, you will only cause him psychological trauma and will achieve absolutely deplorable the opposite result. Do not create your child's stress and help him to live with his temperament, using the maximum with the use of their strengths and developing those traits that need You as a parent to pay attention, teach your child to bypass acute angles and use of his natural potential. Accept your child for what he is, and believe me — the interaction between the temperaments of child and parents is the best way to develop the child's personality, and the correct parents ' reaction to the manifestations of temperament will enable the child to have stability in interaction with others, will help to unleash your natural potential and go through life easily and freely. Your reaction to the manifestations of the temperament of the child will impact on the formation of his confidence and later his attachment to You that in the future will provide a harmonious and stable friendly relationship between You and Your child, which is what we all seek, engaged in the education of their children.

As a rule, children inherit a type of nervous system of one of the parents (sometimes in more ancient ancestors), or absorb the components of temperaments and mum and dad, this too often happens. You already know that pure temperaments in the nature does not exist and one person may actually combine the characteristics common to all four types of temperament, but one's temperament is sure to be a leading. That's why one couple can be born children with different types of temperament, and raise children, every time it must be remembered that those methods and techniques that have worked and brought remarkable results with an older child, may not work and even cause harm to Your youngest. Be sensitive and attentive, it's worth it. No matter how much You are loved my baby, but if You are hot-headed, and Your favorite Sonny's slow phlegmatic, school fees can turn You into a torture and this happens quite often, to school then you need to walk at least five times a week. If You phlegmatic, and Your favorite sweetheart grasshopper dragonfly, sanguine razor, Your angelic patience for a long walk from the garden can come to an end...

Many clients with the problems encountered in the relationship with the child, are very happy when they find out that their temperament coincides with the temperament of the child. Often, these parents think that it's great, because knowing yourself and your features will be easy to understand how to behave with a child the same type of temperament, but, alas, it is not always so easy. For example, the sanguine mother will be difficult in addressing the issue of the formation of the son-sanguine clear routines and responsibilities at home, because she is not ability and the ability to organize your time, because sanguine the question of the organization generally is a "sore spot". But in General in pair: parent sanguine – the sanguine child, it's not as hard as some others.
With this pair and I will continue the conversation about what you need to know and take into account the sanguine parent in the upbringing of the child is sanguine.

see you soon, friends!

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