Sometimes I feel genuine delight, and as when I bow before the wisdom and courage of their clients. Especially if customers are the whole family come to therapy.

I understand how deep  in this family interpersonal relationships. How these three are honest with themselves. So, what can withstand a difficult conversation is not a “heart”, and talk about the Soul of each of them.

These people have the courage to admit to the destructive desires and feelings to each other. Usually, after “happy family” talking about that hell, which sometimes goes on behind closed doors.

there Are families where you can be honest with each other, and with family members. Know what your  the “dark” the motives will be accepted. The overall goal of the family as a unique individual organism – balance  the opposing forces.

Typically, psychologists say about the duality of each person. There is “ego” and “shadow”. And partners are attracted to each other due to their opposites. One teaches the other how first deny himself. That is, “good girl” teaching partner of morality, and the “bad guy” teaches her to hear his subconscious.

Today I understood more about the Trinity of the psyche, and I refer you to the work of C. G. Jung “Attempt of psychological interpretation of the Dogma of the Trinity”. Often we dismiss the children. But they are also family members.

And, if you take the Trinity of our World: the world of moral (spiritual), the world of images (of the subconscious), and the real world (the one in which we live, the created world), or at –Slavonic Prav, NAV and Yav, three people can be “stretch” in one family according to the principle of the absence in one of the “worlds”.

One family member may live in the real world and accept your own “shadow”, recognize your instincts, love yourself even when in anger or otherwise manifests ‘vile passions". The second member of the family can also live in reality and follow a spiritual path. Allow your “ego” to moralize and to deny their huddie side of the character. And the third member of the family can be torn between the "superego" and ‘shadow" of dropping out of reality.

the Whole design is easy  to see  in family therapy. If the family comes to rescue only one member, such a conclusion may take years.

not to rely on “old Slavic" topics, I can offer a classification of E. Bern from the book "Games people play”, and as an explanatory hypothesis to take bernoskie parts of the soul: child adult, parent.

And thus, to say that one member of the family is in a state adult + child, the second – adult + the parent, and the third in as the child + parent. And each of them lacks integrity.

But each of this family is lacking common sense to understand the mechanism of compensation of each of them. Even the teenager. Right in front is crashing the theme of “fucked up-generation”, pardon my French. A teenager can be the most important link …

How I love my clients and my job!

Your Irina Panina

Together we'll find the way to your hidden opportunities!

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