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In his work, psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy, I often use metaphorical associative cards (projective card). Use them for diagnostics and psychological correction of personal and interpersonal conflicts; harmonization of the personal sphere and its structural development; prevention and correction of deviant behavior and addictions. Mostly working with the German MAK ("OH"; "SAGA"; "1001"; "PERSONA"; "COPE", etc.).

Projective maps have all the advantages of projective techniques. They contribute to quick and quality clarification and understanding of the actual experiences and needs of the client; receiving access to a holistic picture of his own self. MAC have special characteristics, namely that they have no fixed values. Each person determines their meaning. The same map in different people are different associations.

the Maps help to create an atmosphere of safety and trust, provide an opportunity to investigate and understand the psychological reasons for what is happening, help to find ways out of the situation, create a safe environment for finding, shaping and decision-making in the treatment of complex traumatic situations.

Today I want to share with you a simple and effective technique that I use in my work. Technique is quite flexible and if you wish, You can expand and deepen.

MAC technique: "the Secret of change"

Goal: to Identify individual strategies for positive change in their lives.

Task: to Outline the desired changes, to determine the interference of secondary gain, to identify motivation to change, to find a resource that will help you.

openly or closed from the universal deck (I'm working with decks of "HE" or "Saga") to take one card for each question and discuss them:

1. What you want to change?
2. Why do you need it?
3.What do you do?
4 .What obstacles can you build?
5. For what benefit will it hold?
6. That will be an indicator that You have reached the desired?
7. Which of your qualities will help you to achieve success?
8. Where do you get the resource? br>
I Hope the article was useful for you.

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