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to be honest, I don't always have time for a daughter. That is, there is always time, but the desire, effort, and emotion is usually not enough. And if earlier it was enough that I wore it on my hands, endlessly kissed, hugged, danced with her, sang and talked, but now, when she's almost 14, so it will not hug. Although the kiss for sure. She even tactile girl. Well, emotional.

Now, in the period of adolescence, she became barbed and sometimes just evil. Well, the matter of age. But despite all these growths of the external and internal, it is still a baby. A baby who needs to spend time with my mom. And not just to sit together and feed off of it.

so I found a way that suits both of us. It's our secret.

We lay down together and I tell her about her childhood. About how he first saw her. As said before what is she beautiful!!! I immediately saw myself. About her gorgeous hair on the first day of life, about a chubby handle. Then about how she went around the apartment with a Walker, as soap dishes in the toilet. How was climbing out of his crib in my.

happily remembered how we were together, when dad went on a business trip. We watched late interesting cartoons, wore strange outfits, went on long hikes in your area, stroking all the dogs and fell asleep in the carriage before reaching the house (not all filled))).

I tell her how she is in 3 years made a great cut in a single cut. About her gardens, which she sat on the trees, about skinned noses on the shoes. We have something to remember. We have a lot of things.

In moments of the story we are so close, that nothing more is needed. And everyone gets pleasure. I'm from the story, it is from myself and my feelings for her.

All this talk and advice about what the child needs to be included, you need to be always - it is a myth and nonsense. no, well if there inside this endless resource - that is a class. And when it is not, or not enough? The joint sleep with the pleasant memories will make You closer. And between the two of You will always be warm.

of course, Everyone finds the ways of unity. And to whom it is generally not necessary. And someone cut that closeness once and for all. I know those who do not need it. Who enough just to watch over safety of children to help in education, to buy enough toys. But there are those who just want intimacy. And it does not replace.

Well, I'll tell You honestly that the biggest pleasure for me to watch her every morning coming out of my car and goes to school, swinging his mane, and sports moving her thin legs. And I see it's just me. And only I can tell her that you notice because it interested me.

And what points do You feel close with your children?

Kulbitsky Catherine
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