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Recently I wrote about how psychological incest bothers to build relationships

Psychological incest or what customers

With the client I have mentioned in the above article Olga, I held individual online the balance on genogram using a MAC

This type of work always gives clients the wow effect.

We worked with my dad, who's still alive, only prevents daughter to arrange a personal life that constantly devalues its potential partners

At the end of the work, Olga said, in a trail behind me, the resolution of the phrase:

"Daddy, you're my father and I'm your daughter! I was born, due to the fact that you became my husband and my mom. A place for you are always in my heart! And I love you as my father, but not as man and partner. You're my father, and I am your daughter"

the First part of the homework for Olga was:

  1. to simplify this phrase
  2. Talking to the father every time he would violate the boundaries of your daughter!

Yesterday we worked again with Olga and what our mutual surprise when she talked about how hard homework and what came of it!

Every time my father too was controlling her, she told him:

"Dad, I love you like your father, but you're not my man! Let me be happy and have your grandchildren"

for the First time, hearing this answer, the father of Olga, male authoritarian, strongly protested and said,

"Olga, are you drunk? Let me smell your breath! What nonsense are you talking about?"

the next time he started screaming that he was "not willing to participate in any psychological stuff."

In the end, the father of the client surrendered:

"Olya, do you really think that I'm ruining my life!"

Then Olga, as diligent student just talked to my dad

2nd part of the homework

using simple, at first glance, the scheme of three-part statements:

  1. Dad, when you say/do .....
  2. I feel ......
  3. Because for me it means....

This scheme, the authorship of which I do not know, I read in the book Rima Efimkina and often give to my clients, it seems very simple and even primitive, but really, only works with the condition that it is used a few times!

she Worked at Olga with her father!

she allowed herself to cry and tell me honestly, without clamps and protection about how she's lonely and it wants to have a family, children!

- Dad, do you not want to babysit grandchildren?

- I Want a daughter! And I'm trying to keep close to him! Don't even try to marry a foreigner, non-resident, Alphonse, parasite!

- Please read the entire list in advance, sir!

P.S. anyway, the "ice was broken"!

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