Sorting out their problems or problems of another, we can face what is called "love of self". There may be a fair question – why to love yourself, that's selfishness? So, is the love of ourselves from selfishness? And if different, what exactly is the difference?

the Love of self is what is called self-acceptance. The better a person belongs to himself, the better he relates to others. The more he accepts himself, the easier it is to accept other people, concentrate on them. The acceptance here can mean a deeper and more complete recognition of themselves, their not completely satisfied needs, for example, be more intimate, more sincere, more emotionally free, more independent and active person to yourself, others and the world in General. In a sense, we can say that the love of self is the ability in all circumstances to be yourself. That means I can every moment of their lives to live completely and to the end. Therefore, in one case in the present situation, I can be an active participant in the events, is able to discover for themselves the long-term goals, set objectives and make efforts to implement them. In another, I can take a passive stance and be an observer of life, noticing the beauty, uniqueness and harmony of the universal space in which I am since my birth until now is. And when I can think, feel and behave exactly reacting to the challenges that life sends, I am grateful. In this sense, is the life force energy that nourishes me, makes me available to contact with other people and reveals to me the meaning of my existence.

Selfishness, on the contrary, makes it impossible to focus on. The word "selfishness" in our culture has a clearly evaluative. It is believed that the selfish bad person. It is a superficial judgment. A selfish man because he can't focus on others, he is simply not able to be with others. A more accurate word in this sense is "egocentric". That is, the person whose attention is focused solely on himself. Egoist – empted from the inside. It is concerned how to support himself. Psychologically it's a baby, completely dependent on his mother. He is helpless and needs the full and unconditional perception of it by another. Selfish may be eager to draw others ' attention to themselves and therefore will behave boldly, arrogantly and defiantly. But he seems to be saying: "mom, I'm hungry, feed me". Selfish is, in fact, people whose life takes place outside the framework of human relationships, filled with love, admiration, and love-making. He remained unformed ability to "accept myself for who I am". So selfish literally can not rely on themselves, because by doing this, he will fall.

Dobrotvorskaya Vladislav
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