Self-confidence and confidence. What is the difference

  1. Yesterday I wrote an article about what confident women prefer men. And asked not to be confused with arrogance. And then faced with the problem that somebody does not accept the difference in these terms. What distinguishes arrogance from confidence

    Today I want to explain to children examples of the difference in these concepts.

    Take for example a children's tale . "The gingerbread man". And two characters from this tale. Charismatic and Creative Gingerbread man Fox.

    the Bun and the active character. Born in the family of single Women and Grandfather, he was cherished, toasty and set to cool on the window. Approximately, from this point we observe that the Gingerbread man has the daring and courage. He went to the forest for adventures. He was able to escape from the grandparents, to deceive the hare ,the wolf and the bear, using their vocal abilities and high movement speed.

    His confidence peaked when he jumped on the Fox's nose, and there began my recital . T e, his confidence lay in the fact that not having life experience, knowledge of forest animals and communication skills with the raptors, he decided he can handle a Fox. How that turned out for him, you know.

    the Second character Fox. In it we see a healthy confidence in herself She sees a sweet pastry that's rapping , hurting other animals, and successfully takes over them. The gingerbread man clearly considers himself the coolest. Fox sees a cocky opponent who is not able to correctly assess the risks. Using this experienced Fox could spend a beautiful manipulation and to get a hearty and nutritious dinner.

    so, sure the person really appreciates and knows himself . He acknowledges both the strong and weak sides. And knows how to live with it

    Arrogant people, exaggerates its qualities . Not having any reason for this .

    If you liked the article then put like. I love huskies.

    For exercise, try to determine which of the characters works, has confidence, and who self-confidence and self-doubt . Practice!

    Three little pigs

    the ant and the Grasshopper

the Wolf and the seven little kids

Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

the adventures of Pinocchio

Eugene Onegin

Solovyova Larisa
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