Stress, or adaptation syndrome, or stress response, has become part of the lives of most Russian citizens.

That danger is universal and it can only eliminate the universal, conscious, voluntary actions, aimed not at separation and rapprochement of people.

it is obvious that there is no reliable system to prevent stress and sufficient to prepare people for survival in stressful situations. a popular means of stress relief steel alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, safe sex, destructive. the prevalence of these "adaptogens" in turn have caused stress for many families of patients with alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV infection.

the stress of having enough of danger and lack of information about her. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, these reasons do not eliminate, but rather increase the destructiveness of the mental state of the person.

Under stress the person needs to:

  • the elimination of danger and information about the situation;
  • providing life-saving strategies,
  • the restoration of constructive thoughts and acts,
  • correction of mental,nervous, regulation,
  • provide the body with substances necessary for energy synthesis of neurotransmitters and hormones as well as rebuilding damaged cells.

How can I eliminate the risk?

the Dangers are many. First you need to identify and classify the sources of occurrence, severity, and scale of their distribution and other characteristics. Then you need to disassemble the approaches for their removal.

it is Known that under stress may be only two strategies of behavior-the flight or fight.

We can reduce the incidence of stress within the boundaries of our authority -in the family, friends and staff, e.g. courtesy.However, most of the sources of danger and stress are not available to eliminate the efforts of one man, because of their nature and extent are public.

If all citizens comply with at least one, as old as God's commandment-" do not do to others what you do not want to imagine," it would free us from the dangers outgoing from each other.

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