self-Destruction and self-creation.

Dopamine do you, girl? Endorfinov do you, honey?

All the psychological problems of man stem from the mismatch of the structures of its maturity and stage of age-related problems that have arisen to him in his life.

Now it would seem a healthy fellow, or the girl is not marriageable in front of you, but no! Talk a little, and it becomes clear that it's a baby, or a teenager or a preschooler.

From his (her) life choices can look like the inadequacy, immaturity, pain, obsession, randomness, bad luck.

However, upon closer examination the system, you can see one fundamental detail — the choice is made in the direction of the “easier”, “easier”. It is understandable — adult life is just too much for Nedoroslev “adult”. They are set for another fantastic reality, where all people should be kind ,and act in their interests (maternal transfer), where all their desires must be met immediately and always. They suffer greatly when faced with the consequences of their choices, limiting their will and tend to blame external forces.

of Course, the best illustration of system processes – a fairy tale. The most popular and easy about these complex biopsychosocial phenomena of maturity tell tales of “frost” and “Blizzard”. Cool images started own way.

kilometre Zero, exile, winter, cold, forest, testing…


Mature – to be happy in his life. Be happy – it's not meant to survive constant thrill and joy, because the world carries your every whim. Be happy – to be able to accept and enjoy the world, withstanding the limitations, challenges and difficulties. Live the reality and not to be disappointed from its inconsistencies infant ideal.

Both tales are similar to the classic experiment:

  • is the main subject – she ’ last stage of frustration in the mother's omnipotence, able to be themselves, to work, to stand on their own feet, to do without praise, external approval of their actions, having conquered his whim, able to endure. She is ready to accept the fact that the adult world is not a big womb where she will be all done, just claim it.

  • There is a control group – sanananda “favorite” Mama's daughter, accustomed to receive the grace to wait, to meet expectations, to complain about the inconvenience, not able to withstand the difficulties. Her inner Predator is not curbed. Her motto is: “What you want, then turn back!”.

Maturity makes a person stable, dependent on their own goals, and not pulses, competitive, willing to negotiate, able to withstand reality.

Immaturity – dependent pending selfless maternal participation in the world and other people in their lives,irresponsible, capricious, demanding special treatment and endless pandering to his desires. Immaturity, like a tumor, rubbed very quickly, increasing in size and breaking the boundaries of others. The behavior of immature “adult” quickly goes beyond socially acceptable limits and turns into violence: emotional, physical, sexual. Fabulous example of this: “Son-Glinka” that eats all in its path. Life example in the extreme: compulsive gamblers, alcoholics, sex maniacs, drug addicts, psychopaths, murderers. Moderate manifestation: husbands and wives, changing each other, toxic mothers and fathers, in General, those who are proclaiming their responsibility, claiming to be somebody, never took and did not. Those who have between the objectives declared and the true gaping chasm.

But as always in fairy tales are half - sisters — it is also part of our unified nature. Each of us live both of them. As in the parable about the Black and White wolf. The only question is, what do you feed more? He becomes stronger and conquers in the inner struggle of the motives.


Our subjective experience of the fullness of life and happiness, our motivational energy system is biologically manifested in the hormonal system, which were reconciled by evolution millions of years and the purpose – to provide us the ability to cling to his life, struggling to stay alive. The establishment of this system in animals – fully programmed. Animals are not familiar with procrastination, laziness, apathy, addiction, and other nonsense. Animals have a natural tendency to appreciate Life, without a deep awareness of the uniqueness of this chance.

People, unlike animals, have free will and choice. This is both incredibly cool way to estimate the Life, but also the chance to take over the value of completely absurd things too long. Otherwise you wouldn't have gone out in the lives of so many People simply burn their uniqueness.

the purpose of human quality of adaptation is to train the dopamine-mediated error system, which is the basis of a Mature motivation to cope with adult life.

And you know what relaxes her and what trains? Right! Challenges, constraints, and delayed joy – she – reinforce . The buzz, permissiveness, fat, sweet, alcohol, porn, drugs – Machekhin daughter – razbalansirovat, destroy. The primary response to the consumption of high dopamine virtues, you know what? Lowering the level of dopamine and decrease of dopamine receptors – the inevitable decline of capacity to enjoy life. And as a consequence — the need to increase the dose (of alcohol, drugs, food, sex, emotional distress), making it deadly, killing.

No wonder every religion, responsible for the reuniting of the soul with its true nature, there is a culture of fasting, mortification, sacrifices, commandments, deadly sins checklist, verified the way to understanding, repentance and correction. Orthodoxy of the confession exactly coincides with the beginning development of brain structures responsible for the ability to realize the consequences of his choices — 7 years.

In a fairy tale for a meeting with these consequences responsible Father. He takes out into the woods (as any father worrying, worrying and regretting). Forest for our ancestors symbolized adulthood: resources, society, difficulties — he was teeming with it. As it is now for today's children — the city. The same jungle, only a stone.

So often in life outwardly perceive as rigidity, is actually a manifestation of love — and she returned with the award. And indulgence, opekanie, gratification, corruption is a direct road to death, inability to live — and the sleigh driven only bone Machekhin daughter. This also applies to children whom we are raising, and partners, and themselves.

what's the dog? The dog symbolizes loyalty and the natural truth. It protects the house of your soul and ready to pounce on any Thief stealing the true values she keeps. The man — it's his conscience. It barks and bites you when you stumbled and went against his nature. IT is impossible to seduce any pancake or 100 grams of vodka. She will not allow to stay in illusions. It protects your right to live your life and be happy. “Yip! Yip! Starikov daughter Zlata, the silver way, the old woman — the marriage did not take!”, “Yip! Yip! Starikov daughter grooms take, and the old woman in the bag bone carry!” And if not to listen, even cry, even the voice, it's too late!

one Life.

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