Hello. Today I read the article “the Pygmalion Effect. Article reference:

a Psychological phenomenon justifies expectations. I remembered that something similar had already read. But also remember the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” And although the Internet information on this subject is ambiguous, sometimes these two phenomena are considered to be one and the same, sometimes I'll start from their perceptions and not to compare with the counterpart article.

I should say. The theme was continued because the interesting. So. Self-fulfilling prophecy, it is certain expectations of the person that would eventually come true. But it is not the ability to predict. Although many think so. Namely, the unconscious progress in the lives of their expectations. The person will often deny that he is responsible for the result. Rather, it recognizes that it is “well-versed in the realities of life.” There is still a mystical explanation, “thoughts are able to materialise.” There is a movie “the Secret” where it is presented with even greater magical powers. This option is very good for people with a mythical picture of the world.

And what do people with a mechanistic view of the world and the people with materialistic views?

That's for them I will try this phenomenon to explain. The fact that the word of prophecy given above, that is to say, for “witty”. Pardon the tautology. If we called it for example, “scenario of an unconscious realization”, it would be cumbersome and not so intriguing. For example, young people often believe that it is difficult to find a job. They see the obstacles and see the possibilities. Accordingly, they are not taking advantage of opportunities and doing self-justification based on obstacles. Eventually, when chronic job search begins to yield secondary benefits, obstacles can be invented. This man sincerely believes that it is not fictitious reasons, and the most that on is real. Now think of yourself, and call it as you want it for yourself. Because, no matter how you called this effect, the mechanism is the same. We want it was. But since it's unpleasant to admit his fear or laziness, then you choose the position to blame somebody or something. And this is just one example, explanation. And there may be many.

I want to Finish a little poem by F. I. Tyutchev.

Nature is a Sphinx. And so it is rather
Their temptation destroys man,
That may be, from any century
Riddles and never had it.

All the best.

Gubaidulin Il'fat
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