self-help for depression


When You're depressed, dispirited, do not ask yourself much. Praise yourself for the small achievements that You were able to go outside to go to the store, etc.

Try to consciously focus on the very small, which is nice for You: Sunny weather, delicious food, a good book, a pleasant read in the Internet, relax, etc.

Try to take better care of yourself, your soul, your body. Try to sleep full, if the dream does not go, read a nice book. If You have Pets: cats, dogs, pay more attention to them, caress, caress them. Science has proven that communication with our four-legged friends is uplifting, revitalizes the body. If You are not indifferent to our younger brothers, try to have a kitten or dog. For example, a dog will force You to go out, and You will make friends with other owners of dogs.

If You are a believer, try to turn to God in prayer. Try to develop a trust in God.

avoid chatting with people from whom You have bad mood. Communicate with those people with whom You are communicating.

Try to make small power charging. "Who lifts weights lifts your spirit."

Each day be sure to go outside, observe nature, birds, trees, people.

Most importantly, remember: everything has an end and Your depression is also, necessarily, ends. Often remind yourself about it.

during this period it is good to read books where the characters overcome something and win. Most importantly, remember – You are not obligated to anyone but themselves, no one's fault.

Gradually learn to consciously select something like "pulls You out of depression, be it food, a good book, a pet, favorite program, etc. Try to look for what else makes You happy, any little thing.

Refer to yourself as mom to baby, say kind words, words of encouragement, praise, support yourself.

the rule is – in the current day, to think only about today but not about tomorrow, not about yesterday, it really helps to get through a difficult time.

most Importantly, all the time remind yourself that Your depression is temporary and will end.

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