Hello! Quite often see and hear questions about what can or cannot be held holotropic breathing. Wanted today to Express their position on this issue.

What is holotropic breathing, holotropic process? It is a great energy that allows a person to get into a deep altered state of consciousness.

Holotropic breathing is a technique group, and the group here is not only option is "cheaper" for each of the participants. In the group, the person ceases to be a separate entity. Here are included the socio-psychological (group) effects. I would particularly like to note the effects of group energy.

Here's what I wrote about holotropic breathing and the strategy of entering into altered States of consciousness:

"If you have breath, you think, not "sets", try to listen what is happening in the hall. With a very high probability I can say that if the group you are more than 12 people, and not all of it beginners, someone the process will go rapidly – with a loud breath, movement, shouts, or just sounds. Try to adjust to his breath, or "to sit down on his (her) energy", to imagine that it's you so breathe. Try to become one with him, but don't lose yourself."

This advice is correct, but even more interesting holotropic breathing becomes when the group is large and these "foci" with the rapid processes is becoming several. In these centers splashed out so much energy that contaminates all others – and sotteroand holonovel.

I am very skeptical of such a concept as "group energy" until I participated in the first "big" process. Holotropic breathing in a large group – is a process in which energy in the truest sense of the word can be touched, so it is dense.

let me digress a bit. Holotropic breathing has some standards (including how members of the group are located), but I like the other format. More "Russian" format. I like it when conditions are as follows:

  • holonavt lie closer to one another than 2 meters.
  • the room is small with low ceiling and soft carpet floors.
  • twilight, or darkness. Curtained curtains.

Starts holotropic breathing, and the whole room comes alive. I have the feeling that the walls and floor begin to vibrate. Everything changes. And inflames crazy dance. The dance of life.

In such an atmosphere is almost impossible to stay in your personal process. The lines are blurring and there are deeper altered States of consciousness.

the Most interesting processes I have held in such conditions, well, or close to such.

And now about an independent passage.


through self-holotropic breathing?

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