Self-knowledge as a necessary skill

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the Internal development of a person is continuous, regardless of the realization of the process. At the same time, personal development can have both positive and negative – degrading direction. In this regard, we can speak about the importance of man's awareness, their internal processes! Thus, the process requires not only awareness, but also a CERTAIN SKILL! The man who has learned to feel and recognize what is happening in his inner world, it is easier to make a choice in difficult situations, as it relates all the external events of his life from the inside. Acquiring thus the inner core, the person easily accepts the decisions without making painful mistakes, due to the fact that is not based on external criteria, public opinion, fashion, etc., but on the inside – true desires, talents, usefulness for inner growth and so on. It is no secret that quite often, people are valued by society as successful, in fact, admit that they are deeply unhappy... the Specific reasons for this may be many, but most of them have in common is that once had made the wrong choice, subordinate to someone's opinion, "debt" or other external criteria, and as a result life contrary to the inner world, feelings, rules.

to Understand what is happening inside yourself is one of the most important conditions for feeling TRUE happiness! Not the beliefs themselves that you're happy you are successful, and absorbing the feeling of fullness of being, independent, really, from any external factors. Another important condition is the acceptance and gratitude of your life experience. Any life situation, and the more difficult and painful, give us a unique experience, strength, and often a source of energy! But in order to take this experience, no matter how scary it may seem, and wrap it for their own benefit, needed the same communication skills with your inner world. For some people, it's not even a skill, but an innate sense, or imbibed in the family since childhood. However, for most people, most of them not very emotional and sensitive, the ability to communicate with their inner world, yet conscious skill.

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