the mission of the Professional psychologist may only Amateurs call smile and reflexes followed. "What's so complicated?! Eka Prodigy!", and in a moment depreciate the long years of education - one universities, one postgraduate, training becomes only "a paper", almost a candy wrapper...And most importantly - the psychologist it is necessary to think about your own preservation.

self-Preservation at the professional level is a bit different from biological self-preservation instinct, in moments of our danger.

Many of our colleagues (we are talking about specialists-psychologists, not one who is "at heart" or "soul") are active in psychological practice.

But not every one of us is able to include the mode of self-preservation for your own good.

Here you can mention the group of psychologists working in another, and teaching or those who are focused on pedagogical-psychological profile.

At the heart of each work lies in humanism. is Not megalomania, not wanting to take all at once, not a wild inarticulate'or greed, namely, a sincere desire to help people.

the other day I had a meeting with colleagues. Very productive, rich. In the air an informal professional atmosphere, when we sort and practically do not know each other, and are in the same boat on the same wavelength.

Perhaps, for the professionals it is very important when suddenly you find yourself on the physical level in an environment of like-minded and understand at a glance of the interlocutors, the interlocutors can hear you.

Considering the current issues of psychosomatic medicine, we are even more convinced that the work is not "for", and in the name. And the awareness of this spiritual Foundation is the answer to the questions about our vulnerability, the details, the dissimilarity to many other professional groups.

do we "cause" the Good?

I Think many of us would answer in the affirmative. Many, because, again, are pedagogical-teaching in history. Consciously or not, but when a psychologist has extended a helping hand to a person, usually the Healer (Saviour). And often he feels excitement and anxiety.

Terrible discredit science because of a virus "apsychology (Terpsichore"), the threat of professional education. On the other hand, a high level of empathy, sensitivity, highly developed level of intuition can also create additional difficulties in the perception of reality.

Individual paths are ungrateful customers. And I noticed that among this group a large number of people not wanting to take their lives in their hands, but there is a desire to shift responsibility for the decision to be a psychologist.

Devaluation of the profession is obvious: overused memes on the topic of a patient lying on a couch near a psychologist in the chair, dirty, primitive jokes about the psychologist or his activities.

in this connection too, it makes sense to think about self-preservation itself as the bearer of the profession. Including in the context of syndrome of emotional burnout (CMEA).

the First and important way to self-preservation is the decline in activity with the shift in priority to any other activities. Strictly avoiding cliches, it is necessary once again to approach this question individually. Because the Council was "relax" can look almost a mockery for a person working school psychologist and having to load a part-time social worker. Ridiculous it will look to the Council to "join the gym" if that man has a family, two or even three children, comes home in a completely broken state, and the weekend is fully occupied with household chores.

Therefore, it's wise to pay attention to the questions that have troubled man due to a busy schedule, to distribute them in order of importance to him.

in addition, if the person is loaded, in which a great desire to improve the world, to the creation of the evidence-based platform, but it expressed all the symptoms of fatigue, in this case it is appropriate to think about the purpose of asceticism, is not actually income, but the employee attraction for provocateurs.

- Preservation of a psychologist is highly complex, multidimensional problem, encompassing the risk of temporary disability, stress, defined psihosomaticheskoy manifestations, but also inner tension and dissatisfaction.

the Opening itself to the world, trying to alter, to transform, the psychologist assumes a great responsibility, what shows lissianski the nature of the professional activity, but at the same time, it is important the desire to protect and strengthen their borders, and even thoughts, which are of scientific value.

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