According to well-known pyramid of needs according to Maslow, self-actualization is at the very top level. Thus, it is evident when satisfied all other needs. Nevertheless, even if the person has satisfied all other requirements but the person is not have fulfilled my ambition, it usually does not feel happy… Why? Becausesamorealizatsii person closely connected with the knowledge of yourself and your capabilities and abilities with the disclosure and use of your personal potential. It gives a person the feeling of being wanted, life satisfaction, makes life interesting and meaningful.… unfortunately, not all people can say that they are self-actualization in life, many a number of reasons this need is not satisfied.

What can a man do for his self?

* Self. First and foremost, you must know yourself-your aptitude, interests, abilities, to determine which employees could best fulfil their potential. This also applies to professions, Hobbies, and family, and other spheres of life…

* Courage and determination. You must take certain steps and reasonable risk to try to fulfill your potential in areas of life that person interesting. You can't learn to swim without going into the water…

* ability to handle stress. It is important to be resilient enough not to lose heart at failures, set goals and achieve them again and again to overcome difficulties on the path to self-realization…

* Creativity and development. You need to constantly develop your creativity to find new and interesting ways of self-realization. When a person develops, and strives to learn something new, it not only preserves your health, prolongs youth of the brain, forming new neural networks, but also gets pleasure out of life, which gives him a lot of positive emotions and increases life satisfaction levels.

© Elena and Alexander, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, Neuropsychological Studio "HEIGHT": 

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