the word self-realization is crucial to both parts, which tell us that a man realizes, that is as it re-generates itself. In the Russian tradition there is a saying: "Above head can not jump", while in the West there is an expression: "Raise themselves by their own bootstraps". Both expressions are funny if you think about it. Both speak of how difficult, almost impossible to raise themselves, i.e. to improve ourselves. But we forget that all the plants around and grow – on the spot. They grow organically, producing branch for branch, leaf for leaf up to the sun. And if conditions are favorable, and the tree is adapted to them, it can grow quite large. If conditions are severe, then the tree becomes crooked, with a rough bark. But on the edge of the tundra trees are showing signs of survival and self-realization at the same time.

So – we grow it only from yourself, but there is an important secret – you need to hold the roots, eat from them and to use external energy, the energy of the sun. We just tend to forget about the roots because you don't see them. Therefore, we sometimes think that trees can walk, but it is not.

Continuing the comparison of self-realization with organic growth – note also the importance that the period of growth (of vegetation) favorable environmental conditions – flowering (prosperity) occurs in the spring when it's warm and the roots can obtain water, and do not try to melt the ice. This comes from the fact that plants live by the principle of photoperiodism, i.e. they are very sensitive to temperature and the length of the day. On the one hand – that's millions of years of natural selection, adaptation and circumstances.

Also we have: on the one hand a biological organism, given to us by parents who, like it or not – the result of million years of evolution of the human race. On the other hand, the specific circumstances, opportunities, and threats. Samorealizatsii grow up of themselves – we certainly rely on the experience of our ancestors, in the cultural layers, which are the product of human development.

But the most important point is the fact that self-realization is the path from the inside out. This movement from secret desires of our hearts to the clear manifestation and expression of people in the world. That is – movement. Because life is movement. You know when you meet a bear in the wild sometimes the only way to survive is to play dead, motionless. Because even the bear knows what moves is alive, runs away, and is dead – lying motionless. By the way, to escape from the bear can not be – he will catch up.

unfortunately, society teaches us the opposite – not self-expression, and obedience. Not finding himself, and finding ways to make money. And money, as you know – goes to money. The result is "the circle of dough in nature." At the same time, money is the blood of social life. Money is energy, the same as the energy of the sun for plants. Even Vincent van Gogh to his great-realization – needed money for canvases, paints and food, and later – also for the treatment of the psyche. Humanity, of course, lucky that Vincent sent money to his younger brother Theo, who was selling paintings.

By default the society is not helping our self. Society and especially the government is interested in our "socialization", i.e. that we made a exemplary cog in the social system. There is a popular saying that "first, children are taught to walk and talk and then to sit and be silent". Society imposes the beaten track, formulaic solutions, unemployment benefits, sometimes helping to pass the time until retirement. The society cleverly creates obstacles to our self realization: the lack of money, uncertainty, state paternalism, dictatorship of vulgarity and cynicism. But these obstacles and contained challenge, i.e. the challenge to actualizing personality is to find a way to pass between the streams, to raise themselves by their own bootstraps, pull his wig out of the swamp... We should not wait for manna from heaven from society. After all, as we talked about – self-realization – the case of the individual. Unless, of course, the identity has grown to the need of updating themselves, to Express themselves. "The rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning" - it means that the sources of expression we must search within ourselves, in the hidden corners of our soul, which is always "fourteen years."

"roots" – it means to remember yourself, your baby, pure dream. Childhood is the root of our life, through which feeds our immortal soul. Remember yourself, wipe the mirror of your soul – that which begins with self-realization.

What became of your childhood dreams, dreams? Because right now as you read these lines you are older, those who, without betraying himself – has all the power and ability to fulfill their children's dreams. So different we call self-realization – by-realization.

What you are doing right now, except that samorealizatsii? What is more important to you? How long have you got left? Survive? Struggling with circumstances? How did you end up in these circumstances? Who brought you here? Someone else or you?

ask yourself these questions and then you will be able to understand whether you are on the path of self realization, or it's time to start looking – how to be on the Way.

Alexey Fisun
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