Destiny is a predetermined meaning of our existence. The very word "purpose" contained a very important answer about what the meaning of our life is set initially that it already exists. And we only need to find him, to discover, to recognize. In General – this is very good news: that our life is not meaningless, it is the purpose and the meaning we can find. Also in this word, there are other keys to understanding ourselves, namely that our life has a purpose, i.e. we need something to strive for, something to achieve. And we are assigned our Destiny (God, Universe) to look for these meanings, to open these hidden treasures of our soul.

the Paradox is that this sense of self-actualization can be opened by us only in the search process, only in the Way. On the path of self realization. "A rolling stone gathers no moss", and the water is not only a symbol and source of life, but also the embodiment of the Tao – the way of naturalness, following its Nature, its naturalness, authenticity. Like a little drop of water tends to get in the Ocean and separate people according to their mental organization of their search for personal meaning seeks to connect with Thinking of the Universe, with the Divine.

so, the paradox is that, on the one hand the meaning, purpose of our life is set initially, with another – it is necessary to find, to find. And it can be done only through movement on the Way. With the help of the movement of our thought, in the way of our awareness. There is such a thing as a Klein Bottle – form surfaces, first described in 1882 by the German mathematician F. Klein. The fact that this shape has only one side and there is no edges. That is, it is closed in on itself. The same in terms of image happens to our destination – it would already have, but as it would need to find. And in this search we need to turn themselves inside out to see hitherto hidden his soul inside. Thus the dichotomy between process and product is removed and looped back into itself.

Another important characteristic of the search for purpose is that in this Way it is impossible to stop. That is, there is no such ultimate meaning of our existence, finding that we can sit down and begin to rest on our laurels. In this sense, the Path of self-realization of the infinite – we are waiting for new discoveries. Because self-actualization is a process of natural, organic, like the growth of the tree. While the tree is alive – it grows. No growth, no life. There is no meaning, no fulfillment, there is only existence. Existence without meaning, without purpose – as a rule, is pathetic, sad, sad. Even if it is accompanied by active gastro-sexual consumption. Consumption, including the consumption of foreign meanings and purposes – this process is completely the opposite of self-realization. Because self-actualization is always creative, and the consumption always formulaic, stereotyped process, even if you consume the products of another's creativity. Don't be mistaken.

a search of his destiny can be likened to the Ouroboros – an ancient symbol in the form of a coiled in a ring of a snake or dragon swallowing its own tail. Interestingly, for images of the Ouroboros in Ancient China is characterized by the placement of eggs within the space, which covers the body of the serpent. The "center" of the Ouroboros, the said space inside the ring in a philosophy reflected in the concept of "Tao", which means "Path of man". This ancient symbolism shows us that in all the meanings of our lives is our future fulfillment, but they are initially set, perhaps even before our birth. So the future looped back upside down and turning around in the past.

But we won't go so far down the ladder leading up. We avoid mystical interpretations and look at the origins of our personality in the magnitude of our lives. Namely, let's look at what we saw our lives in our childhood, when we still have not forgotten how to dream. Actually, the adult state is given to us precisely in order to now that we are in the Prime of life – to make our children's dreams. How to speak American psychoanalysts: "it's never too late to have a happy childhood". Feel like a kid again, feel the children's sense of a wonderful future when you will be able to do what you saw your childhood dreams. It was in this period of your personal development are the access codes for your destination. Therein lies the source of motivation of your achievements. In yesterday's sweet dream. Remember what they say: "I never dreamed that I would become what I became." So dreamed of. We just tend to forget our dreams, to realize them in reality.

so, in finding your purpose – we need the compass. Internal compass, or rather the Navigator. Navigator our Will. The usual Navigator is a device that shows the traveler where he is and how to get to your destination, being attached to the satellite signals. Our Navigator Will also a very sensitive device, it only tied to the semantic points in our lives and through the inner sense of "mine or not mine" - he tells us the right direction. Everything in the children's game "warmer-colder" (when prompt – where to look for hidden in the room thing). But to use this essential device – Navigator, we need to connect it to our personal orientation system – the system of our values. And very importantly, the Navigator and the traveler had enough energy to reach the destination. Too many got lost in the fog of life because they were not prepared for the challenges and the duration of the arduous Journey.

Many people believe that the meaning of life is life itself. It's true. Because life in the human, i.e. conscious dimension is search, development and motion. And above all – the movement of personal development. If what is meant is that the meaning of life only in the biological existence of protein organisms, it is an evolutionary dead end. Because it is evolution, i.e. the progressive development made us human. Let me remind you that at the beginning of the evolutionary path (about a million years ago) were Homo Erectus (Homo Erectus) , then he was replaced by Homo habilis (Homo Habilis) and then there was a Reasonable Man (Homo Sapiens). The latter species has only 40 thousand years. We're talking about our time, when those who crave self-realization can be called a Sensible Man (Homo Instauratur).

Notion " alive" is notion not static dynamic. Existence it too disclosure specific forces body. Updating potential forces it innate property all organisms. Therefore, disclosure potential under laws his nature should consider human life. Man is center his life. Development his personality implementation only internal potential ethere's a higher goal that simply can not change or depend on other supposedly higher purpose.
Erich Fromm

self-Realization is the actualization of their life experiences to accomplish his purpose. Realizing ourselves – we identify your potential, we use its capabilities in the specific circumstances of our lives. And that specific meaning, the real purpose of our work allows us to see in different circumstances – for the hidden opportunities. Use the opportunity and means to be able to uncover the meaning of a given situation in the context of our lives. And the wealth of our experience when we are able to creatively use – allows us to extract meaning in any place in any circumstances on the principle of "here and now".

What's stopping us? We prevent our own slave mentality, herd mentality, our conformism – when we're not living my life, and that which we impose on the surrounding people and society in General. About such people say that they have external locus of control. This means that all the motives, all the causes of their behavior controlled externally. So I'm talking about slave mentality. It's bad news. But the good news is that there are people coming from their own interests and meanings, living from the inside-out. And it's never too late to become such a free man, free from the shackles of psychological dependence and co-dependence. Otherwise, life without personal meaning will be lived in vain. And in finding your purpose have meaning, deep meaning. The point, which helps realize and releases.

Alexey Fisun
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