self-Sabotage — it's an amazing subconscious behavior pattern, which is the resistance to the action and that prevents to reach the goal.

Where does self-sabotage?

the Main cause of "internal brakes" is fear.

Imagine that you are dropped from a boat in the middle of a big river. You immediately covers the wild fear and panic. "I don't swim, not strong enough!" From these thoughts numb hands, and all the contracts inside. You frantically begin to flounder and scream for help. After some time you will get tired and start to sink.

All your energy will absorb the fear and senseless chaotic motion. Fear prevents "go" to move to the goal.


fear has many causes - it's the old failures, blocks and trauma, which creates self-doubt. Self-doubt is the belief: "I can't".


Let's see, where does faith in yourself? If the uncertainty of the pose of defeat, the certainty of victory. a Big victory consists of many small victories. All you need is to start moving forward. To make a lot of small steps.

the Art of small steps.

do Not try again to be on the other side of the river. Instead of panicking and screaming for help, you just need to start moving. After some time you will notice that the shore is near. Turning back, you will realize that already sailed long distance.

what you thought were once impossible, tomorrow can become a reality for you, it is necessary to start the movement.

it is Important not speed, and the amount and regularity of steps. This is how to come to the gym and lift the weight, chances are you'll just hurt yourself. The only way to lift a lot of weight is regular exercise with a gradual increase in weight.

causes of internal barriers

In fact, of self-sabotage only 2 reasons:

1. Boredom is when you just are not interested - it means you're going the wrong way or treading water.

2. Fear when you are moving in the right direction, but at the same time afraid.

what we very much wish always causes fear, this is quite normal.

All you need to start is to understand what emotion is behind it, boredom or fear?

If it's boredom, you should change direction, if it's fear, then begin to move in baby steps towards the goal.

Nikolay Pirogov
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