self-support is very important in life. This skill enables us to fall apart in difficult situations, and rely on yourself - to appreciate yourself and not others instead of himself in the first place: her husband, children, car, apartment, dog and so on.

To avoid "I have me and I'll be fine" - a promise this skill. This awareness helps to not be afraid of difficulties in life, helps not to cling to people, and to withstand various situations and make informed decisions. One condition - if it's not dry phrase, but really, such faith in ourselves and courage.

In any quarrel with the beloved, we can stand only under one condition - if we rely on ourselves, not dissolve in it, in aggression, falling into the victim. Any discomfort we can feel free to Express themselves, their feelings, not suppressing yourself with the phrase "what if...", "what if I turn away from you."

self-support is resistant, it is separateness and that's me. self-support is the feeling, the feeling, the return to yourself. When outside so it varies, sometimes I feel like too - I can always go back to yourself, ask yourself questions and get answers. When the whole world turns away from me - I can live and do what I want, that is, to be free!

When accusing me of favorite people that I hurt, can I go to my room and hear the calm, hear a different opinion on this matter and thus I can save myself. To maintain its integrity. I'm not falling apart, I'm single, I'm in my field. There are things that a person does not take away the self - support is one of those "things". Whatever happens "I'm there"!

Sometimes, not every parent can have this skill, because to teach a child to him, hand it becomes almost impossible. Then, growing - it is our responsibility to have or not have what we want. Any skill can be trained at any age, the man is amazing live, developing organism!

it is considered that a woman should be calm, to be fertile ground...also it is considered that a woman should cook. The world is full of stereotypes about the difference between the sexes, which further take us away from the truth. In fact, any adult independent, independent person is a person with self-support. And if Your life is full of emotions, feelings and mood swings, impulsively it is important to train the skill of self support because it is just gifting your own energy, leading sometimes to exhaustion. So good to have a man who will not turn away and will not have to pour a little in the fire, and will support You "have the right to need!". Which reduces the intensity of emotions and enables you very soon to come into balance, to make informed decisions.

Vojchishina Marina
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