Send away any who just plays with you and your feelings.

please Send any who doesn't understand how lucky he is to have such a wonderful woman like you is willing to give him all my love and care. The woman, whose heart is overflowing with tenderness and kindness to it, sometimes this cruel world.

please Send any, who raises a hand on you or confuses you with mud, humiliating and suppressing the moral.

Send away any, who might just disappear for a week, and then, as if nothing had happened to reappear in your life.

please Send any for whom you're just one of his "spare options" and for whom you will never become someone really important and necessary.

Send away any, who can not specifically say what exactly he feels for you and who you each other.

please Send any who isn't thinking about your needs and who is generally not interested in your opinion.

please Send any who constantly lies to you and does not see any need to bring you into their business.

please Send any who just want good and fun to spend time with you, but who is not interested in any serious relationship with you.

please Send any who are not ready for the responsibility and just doesn't see you in his future.

Send out any, who listens more to his mother, not thinking his own head, taking some important decisions.

Send away any, who every day says how much he misses you, but doesn't want to lift a finger to finally see you.

please Send any who just are not able to assess how you are beautiful and sincere people.

Send away any who are only interested in your body, but who do not care for your soul.

don't be afraid for some time to be alone. It's much scarier to be with someone who every day is slowly destroying you from the inside, killing his indifference and dislike.

And remember - you are sure to be happy!

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With hope and faith in you, your psychologist, Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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