Сепарация от родителей

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the Eternal theme of the struggle of generations and attempts to establish a relationship between them. The stages of adulthood and separation from parents are different in every family. To some, this period is easier, and for someone it becomes very painful. It also happens that a 40 you can stay a child your parents or depend on their children. In any case — this is a sign that denotes the presence of a strong emotional bond between parents and children.

What this means?

let me Give now an example.

let's Say you are now 25 years old and you want to change the place of work/residence and go abroad. But then you say "no, that's not right, parents do not throw and somewhere you yourself, you can't fail" etc. and here on the foreground there is the shame, guilt and morality, which only confirm that it cannot be done, wrong, impossible.

what's the catch?

it Turns out that at the present time, where everyone has the right of choice, people abandon their ideas from their lives, for the sake of someone was comfortable to live in.

a Person is able to pay the cost of his life, personal interests, values, for, in order not to be "bad" in this world, to be needed, accepted and important. Even in this way. But!

whatever it was, it's outstanding children's need for love and approval from parents. And it should work.

Adults people build healthy relationships, asserting boundaries, set new goals and implement them. First and foremost, taking care of myself, be independent (emotionally, financially) and only then build harmonious interaction with others.

What is it?

No offense, no complaints, no demands. People honestly and openly speak of their desires, expectations, negotiate.

Understand that no one owes nothing. Voluntarily do what they want and voluntarily doing what they want to do for others. Not to something later in return, but simply because they want and can do it. Because the soul responds to.

Ovcharenko Tatiana
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