Your every dream it is possible to bring to life! Believe it or not.

it's simple... For this dream it is important to transform the target! And including in turn the desire to achieve goals and numbers - it is not just a dream but a concrete plan and actions to implement it!

And there are important deadlines! Important numbers and specifics.

the difference in approach to their desire for example, to pump up the press

First version - From Monday I will start to download the press and on my belly will welcome the dice.

This approach to your dream is just a shout into the abyss, he is faceless, invisible. And even if you do on Monday will begin to download the press, most likely on Monday and finish.

the Second option Tomorrow morning I will do 3 of the campaign, specially selected exercises for abs, and I will repeat them through the day, for 1 month, followed by adjustment training, depending on the obtained results and the results you want to achieve.

This question is already clear plan, not just a dream. There is a purpose, there is a method of achieving in the form of specific exercises, there is a workout schedule, there are deadlines and interim verification of results. If you remove from the second option periods (do the exercises through the day, the adjustment after a month), in fact, succeed the first option is life-long.

No matter what You wish. It is important to make it a goal, make a plan and put time, preferably not only the final result, but intermediate too.

Another very important point. Do not extend the deadlines!!!

Just think of how much good useful and interesting can pass You while You are set to realize his dream into reality, under the guise of lack of time, unwillingness, fatigue, lack of money or something else?

While You just want to take a step, just one small step to fulfill their dreams, You can spend hours, days and even months to stand in one place, weighing all "for" and "against", considering whether my time or still need to wait a bit.

And time continues to pass by You, need people, important, significant meetings that could be held but was not held simply because You were focused on fears of making a mistake, do something wrong and not be perfect, rehearsing and honing your skills and thoughts to perfection...

Why??? For what such victims???

Deliberation of the matter, but it must not replace actions!

it is Important to know the limit, it is important to understand that at some point you have to say to yourself, "Stop! Enough to think about and improve it!"

Because as you know there is no limit to perfection....

Start doing!!! Minimize the time to weigh all the "pros" and "cons"

for Example, you can try to grow an orange tree at home in a pot. Then, the probability of germination will be much more, if you place the orange seeds in the ground and water them and in parallel to read information on how to better what to do than to select the best color oranges, by studying their molecular structure, the chemical composition of the earth, to choose designer pot, but never to put a bone in the ground.

And so all my life you can look at people who harvest, while you yourself years studying books on gardening that would have turned out the most beautiful fruits, study fertility and soil composition, that would have been the most delicious fruits, etc., and to the planting of seed time is less and less...

Think about it, when you decide to set another goal or to simply take an Important step!

You will never be perfect.

But to realize his dream into reality is possible!

Believe in yourself, be a little braver, stronger bones and let your desires will sprout and become a huge fruit tree!

Merkuriev Lyudmila
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