for a Long time I searched for my consultations, the stick figures are not very high growth to a minimum of details, but guessed that this adult, this child, and older people.

Looking for professional sites. Looking for kids stores. Searched omnipresent Aliexpress. But it's not that. Somewhere I didn't like the quality, somewhere was the price of space, somewhere just wasn't family.

for Example, a well-known Sylvanian families from any children's store cannot be used in the sandbox and with water. They have fur (flock) begins to deteriorate very quickly.
Figures for modeling, which is used for big, beautiful layouts of the cities are too small, difficult to work with. And it is difficult for children, and for adults.

the Most common in the work of the psychologist, the family maid Ying Chin, but also her need to search:

a Couple of years ago, I began to form the idea to do something similar myself. For the realization of ideas took time, ideas, skilful hands of her husband, professional equipment and a little magic)

Figures for the work of the psychologist of the Family. A little set.

In General our family is ready and you can safely use them in the work. I do it for family and individual consultation in work with adolescents and adults. My colleague uses the figures in the work with children in the sandbox and just. In the photo the small family. In the large version there's a couple of grandparents, adult to choose from and Pets (dog, cat). 

  • the figures of eco-friendly hardwood
  • They can be if you want to paint (but I think better to leave as is)
  • If they are wet and do not leave in water for a long time, nothing terrible will happen
  • Can be used safely in the sandbox
  • Very popular with customers - checked in
  • do Not require a lot of storage space

I can paint them the pros, as the joy that finally this project is implemented through the roof! But not without a box of tar. Photographed while the test sample, there are jambs, where without them. Reducing the laser power, for example, you can ensure that the eyes are the eyes instead of black dots)) *In the ready boxes all fixed. "the Boss, everything will be at its best".

Family - figures of the family for the work of the psychologist

there are two options - most and small family. But in the future I want to run different sets of figures - profession, emotion.

Colleagues, please Express your opinion - do your work in such family? How to use them? Some sets missing in your work? I would be grateful for feedback!

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