Several psychotherapeutic methods work


Almost everyone has a picture perfect family. Several generations communicate together at the table, they don't fight and help, if there are problems, with kids running around are cats, guard dogs, generally friendly environment.

Picture of everyone. But the key point is that all together, understand and accept each other for who you are. Imagine for a moment the following scene. Presented? What feelings arise in this fantasy? I suppose that a pleasant, warm and bright. Now get back to reality and remember her original family. Match the picture and the reality? Few can take this in the affirmative. br>
We unconsciously done such a journey into fantasy and back into reality several times a day. Why are we doing this? Protecting ourselves from reality, where the intense power of emotion do not allow us to accept the reality we are immersed in a fantasy world where you can relax and avoid strong emotions. br>
it would Seem that you can not pay attention to it and to live in his polurealnosti. But there is one caveat, this fantasy is only available to you, other people see the same situation quite differently, as you. And this displeases you, controversy, desire to open your eyes, conflicts, resentment...the list is endless. br>
Many people live and do not notice these inconsistencies of reality and fantasy. And only some cause discomfort. Trying to figure out what is wrong with them, how to fix, what to do with it?

Often is an unconscious process and seldom critical of his actions. How to understand it you ask? br>
There are several ways:

1. Free trial and long method:

you Can reflect your behavior, to read clever books, to watch videos. And you really will succeed, not immediately, it will take time, maybe a month, maybe several years. You can visit

2. Method, which requires financial investment and time:

the Office of a psychologist or psychotherapist. Usually takes from 20 to 60 sessions. The amount is not difficult to find.

3. The way a short time less costly than described above.

Dynamic group (from 36 hours). The psychotherapeutic method of work, which overlaps your picture (fantasy) and reality in a safe environment leading communicated to you or other participants. Then you process new information and incorporate into your life. br>

Cooperstein Elena
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