Sex addict

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sex addict

the Brain is my second favorite organ.

woody Allen

no One would argue with the fact that sex is an integral part of a fulfilling life. The very conception of man is the result of sexual relations. And sexuality is gaining momentum, accompanying the comprehensive development of the personality, defining and strengthening paralowie the behavior of the individual in society. After going through all the stages of its development, accumulated a lot of strength, energy and feelings, this is the sexuality breaks out again to repeat the cycle of life, given by nature. A person rushes in search of a partner and tries to enter, satisfies both sides, the relationship.

here begins the difficulty, it is typical for Man, the psyche, the peculiarities of behavior in society and culture, with rife with rules, regulations, traditions. Happy is he who found ways to meet through Masturbation or together with your found a half. But also, there are people who care about sex so much that it poses difficulties to them. People exaggerated indifferent to sex, there are two types. The first type – people are constantly feeling the emotional and physical excitement. And the second type – on the contrary, Ekes out his existence, always feeling the need for sharp sensations.

Why is this happening? Of course, everyone is different and the degree of sexuality all its own. Sexologists have long since learned to recognize the typology of sexual behavior and determined the types of sexual Constitution, given the physical and mental components of the person. Moreover, the notion of sexual Constitution takes into account the level of sexual activity, inherited characteristics and qualities, and even "bone age" is determined by the sizes of the zones of ossification of the skeleton included in the calculation options, the so-called "trochanteric index", which is also used by sexologists for the determination of the sexual Constitution. And this factor depends, by the way, not only from sexual instincts and their realization in life.

Where lies the reason for the particular addiction to sex? The fact that the human nervous system is not able to experience simultaneously pain and orgasm. Even sadomasochists go through the pain to orgasm, not Vice versa, and not at the same time. At the moment of orgasm any no pain, even physical, even emotional. So, people, being constantly in pain, trying to escape from it through sexual orgasm. Because deliverance is not just during the orgasm, but also during stages of the search and seduction. Either the person experiencing the need to please, finds a way out in a sexual relationship. Counting myself, though often ghostly, favorite. This method brings temporary calm, as if relieving pain. But is there any benefit, in essence, in this sexual medicine? A lull comes only temporary, and the body is in a chronic overexcitation. At its root, the problem is not solved, and still exists, affecting life.

What happens with the second type which, on the contrary, constantly feels the lack of severity of the sexual experiences? People suffering from depression, tormented by thoughts about the meaningless dull life and finds a way out of this situation is the sex. Yes, in General, and not about sex as such, but in the process of finding, wooing and attracting the sexual relations of another person. Unfortunately, these relationships burn quickly, so as to look for something is not a partner, and the intensity and brightness of impressions of the search process.

So that everyone can stop and ask yourself the question: "What do I want from these sexual relations? Not an addiction whether it is called "addicted to sex"?" It would be better to choose a middle ground!


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