• Why women love shopping more than men?

Women love shopping more than men because of gender psychological differences: women are more focused on improving the attractiveness of their appearance, whereas men more focused on improving their social status and financial stability. For women more typical figure of thinking, pleasure, aesthetics, beauty, men think more rationally. For men shopping, this is an unfortunate necessity, but for women is the entertainment, the chance to psychologically escape or to relax.

  • How to cope with psychological pressure while shopping and don't buy on discounts, promotions, gaining a mountain of unnecessary things?

in order not to fall under the influence of marketing hooks, which is so easy to fall in advance to prepare for shopping. Because in the marketing world it is considered that the impact is easier on women because of their higher impulsivity and emotionality, we can artificially reduce their emotionality that are able to write plans and shopping lists, carefully thinking through the need to purchase this or that thing, according to our need and budget amount. This is a very rationalizarea shopping and so we become more resistant to manipulation by sellers and manufacturers. We must not only depart from the list))))))

  • do regular shopping disease?

it all depends on how much shopping is constructive or destructive for the individual. If we talk about dependencies, then any dependent (both chemical and emotional) is characterized by the fact that gradually all the needs of man are replaced by only one, and it gradually destroys a person's life. For example, if the running form of food addiction, people cease to understand wants what he wants (love, warmth, tenderness, communication, security, fun, acceptance), he feels only what he lacks. And he habitually compensates for the lack of any resource of food. After all, this is the most familiar and accessible way. About as well and addicted to shopping. Shopaholic feeling fear, worrying, stressing, or feeling the need for companionship or love, the habit of going to the stores and buying lots of unnecessary things. While it does not interfere with his life. But if he is growing more distant from people, often spends his entire salary on shopping, taking loans, borrowing money and forgetting to pay monthly expenses that are not related to shopping. In this case we can talk about shopogolizm, or emotionally. In this case, the necessary psychotherapy, to the person to izbavitsya from all types of dependencies usually fails.

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