Very often I see recommendations to relieve stress walk to the shops, making a pleasant shopping, actually shopping.
I Want to share some impressions on this topic.
About yourself. I don't like to go shopping! Me personally, it's tiring. And if you cannot find anything suitable, then for me it is a waste of time. Yes, I love beautiful things, but their search is very energy consuming. Therefore, humanly, I do not understand the common recommendation is to take a walk to the shops to relieve stress. the
And the difference in my perception of shopping and recommendations proves once again that any information should be approached critically. First, we are all individual and it is important to understand how it is. And secondly, speaking of shopping....
There's a term – shopogolizm. Shopaholic is an uncontrolled craving for shopping without the need for them. Accordingly, as a dependence: alcoholism, workaholism, Smoking, Shopaholic for man is destructive. There are only socially acceptable addiction, such as "workaholism" (the person harm, but the environment is good), and is what entourage does not like and they fight with it (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.).Back to the Shopaholic. Have you seen somewhere the recommendation "if you are stressed drink one vodka, and maybe more, if the stress is strong." I haven't seen, but shopping recommend! Go and buy yourself to set the mood. In this way there is some danger, because the person is fixed at the level of behavior, behavior mood elevation due to the purchase. But if a person has poorly developed skill to manage your emotional state, you can form an addiction Shopaholic. Well, if a man has money in abundance to such an addiction, otherwise it can destroy families, because the money spent on questionable purchases because of what other areas of life and family members may suffer and be deprived of needed.
In fact, the whole business is built on the fact, to seduce, to persuade people to buy, to convince him that he needs it. Well, when it is really useful product or service, then that's cool. But often I see the opposite.... Familiar with the phrase "a good salesman will even sell snow in the winter"? Here the buyer and is trapped. But today we're not talking about the salespeople and the buyer.
In General, what should I do?
1. Learn to have fun and enhance the mood, not only with tools from the outside, but with the help of internal resources, try to organize something for themselves. Regularly use those ways of entertainment, solace, encouragement, which do not require financial investment, because then you will have more opportunities to resolve this kind of difficulties. We so often from all sides trying to entertain that we will stop doing it yourself and waiting for the next "ball" from the outside, not thinking of the risks.
2. Shopping is an important part of our lives, we work to buy something important for myself, but the main thing is not to become "slaves" of shopping. Try to ask yourself the question - "do I need it?".
My message does not require rejection of purchases, or Vice versa, I'd rather call for criticality in relation to shopping, a reasonable consumption. That is, in this area some distortions that make actual modern concept of the "consumer society".

Tatiana pastayalka
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