In recent years in our country has increased the popularity of the services of psychologists. A truly rich and diverse palette of spiritual healers! Here we can see child psychologists, gerontopsychology, crisis psychologists, gestaltists, the game's that way!, existential therapist, cognitive behavioral therapy, logotherapeutic and many others.

However, there are people whose beliefs (often false or distorted) do not allow them to cross the threshold of psychological study.

In this article I am not going to address all the erroneous beliefs against psychologists, limiting consideration of the basic, most common prejudices.

let's start!

Belief No. 1. Why go to therapy when their problems I can talk to a friend in the kitchen?

Yes, of course, you'll feel better. On time.

to a friend Pouring out his soul for a glass of something intoxicating, it really feel relieved. But very soon the problem will come back again. Why is this happening?

most Often an emotional problem is just the tip of the iceberg. To really understand it, to analyse its origins and to find solutions, you need a special psychological training, which your friend more often than not.

Yes, chat with a friend and it is nice and free. However, expect sustainable results is not necessary.

services of a psychologist not gratuitous, but on his side - experience and professional knowledge about established and mysterious universe of the human soul.

Work with a psychologist cannot be called easy or simple. Sometimes it will be difficult, ashamed, hurt, but... it should be. For familiarity with shadow and split off parts of your soul it's hard to call a pleasant pastime. Well, the contact with his old injury is rarely pleasant. However, this work is often just as effective and much difficult.

therefore, you can say the words of the famous song: "think for yourself, decide for yourself."

Belief No. 2. Why do I need a psychologist? I'm not crazy!

just want to reassure you: with the mentally ill, the psychologist does not work. Here is the birthplace of the doctor-the psychiatrist, the person having the higher medical education.

In turn, the psychologist works with healthy (normal) people with minor offenses not amenable to medical treatment.

If a psychologist still comes with serious psychotic disorders, e.g. schizophrenia, manic depression and other things, the psychologist encourages the client to seek the assistance of a psychiatrist. As a rule, many psychologists in the contacts there are doctors. In some cases, a psychiatrist and a psychologist (e.g., clinical) work in pairs. While the basic functions are on the psychiatrist, the psychologist in this case merely adds to it in terms of psychological support after the patient is compensated, i.e., received medication.

the Main share of clients of the psychologist is neurotics, those conventionally normal people, mentioned above. Most often the complaints occur is the inability to build a happy relationship, to find a common language with their relatives, friends, colleagues at work, inability to find their place in life, and self-doubt, fears and complexes etc.

so, if you do not have serious mental disorders, a psychologist may be helpful to you.

Belief No. 3. There is a guarantee that in one session I will solve the problem that I have accumulated over the years?

Here we are faced with the so-called, are not realistic expectations.

here is an example. Hardly a person suffering from bodily illness, believed that once by visiting the doctor's office will be able to achieve complete healing. However, it is doubtful that the doctor is not tuned to long-term therapy of the patient.

And it's not just medical practices, but, perhaps, and any other areas of life.

Typically, changes that occur quickly, are not persistent effect, and just as quickly disappear. In order to make the changes often require a stable long-term work.

the very idea of lightning-fast solving problems is seen as a request for a miracle. The client would be unwittingly tells us: dear psychologist, show me a miracle! Remove the black cylinder rabbit, banish my sorrows with a wave of the hand, and even better give me a simple affirmation, saying that I'm going to get rid of their problems.

But it doesn't work! If you really want to change something in yourself, you will need to go through fire, water and copper pipes of its resistance, psychological protection, the displaced material. All this time the psychologist will not carry you on his hands, but invariably it will go next, accompanying in this difficult journey.

each person has a choice: either to let all nasamones, secretly hoping for a miracle, they say, someday my problems will come to naught, or to have patience and through a long and not always easy work in Alliance with the psychologist to begin to change their own beliefs and their lives.

Belief No. 4. I had previously visited/was visited by a psychologist and it didn't help.

Arch is important among the many professionals to find their way. We can assume that if the psychologist did not help you, it was not your psychologist. Yes, a similar phenomenon occurs quite often.

the Choice of a psychologist for a number of exemptions can be likened to the choice of spouse, choice of University and profession. One single mistake can result in the chain not the most pleasant of events, of which the disappointment is most innocent.

In this regard, go thoroughly to the choice of a specialist, who will devote in secrets of his soul. You should pay attention to education of the psychologist, his experience, personality traits, manifested in the communication and, of course, on first impression.

As once said Sigmund Freud: the first impression the right one. In this sense, when choosing a psychologist is not always useful to rely on the advice of friends and relatives.

So, if your sister/friend/colleague specific psychologist could help, not sure he will be able to help you. The converse is true.

so, if after the first, second, third session, the psychologist is not "hooked" you do not inspire confidence, it is worth thinking about to look for another. With a psychologist you must be comfortable to work, preferably to a specialist cause you to have positive feelings.

the failure of the choice of a psychologist does not mean that the whole profession is worthless. Nor does it mean that your first psychologist bad or incompetent. You are just not suited to each other. But then you will be really your specialist.

whether because of one fiasco to abandon the search?

Belief No. 5. I am not a wimp!

most Often this belief can be detected in men from too much masculinity.

These men adhere to the following logic: if a man went to a psychologist, so he lost himself. If he is not able to cope on their own, so he's weak.

In fact, before us is another misconception. Appeal to the psychologist is not a sign of moral weakness or immaturity. Introspection thing, of course, useful, but very incomplete. Working on yourself solely, so it is easy to lose sight of important nuances. Again, care in the protection and presence of "white spots" do not allow to create a full picture. That is why it is important to look the part.

Also useful to know that the psychologist is not (and should not) do the work for the client. The task of the psychologist is to be psychopompos (conductor). Specialist heart helps to understand the reasons for life's mishaps and in collaboration with the client to help him become a more harmonious person.

in addition, the fact that people still dare to ask for help demonstrates the power of the spirit. Recognize that you have some problems and decide to change their life - a step undoubtedly brave.

This person does not want to pakostnichat in old patterns of behavior. And the good psychologist is able to help to see new horizons.

I hope my article was useful for those people who are faced with a choice: to go or not to go to therapy. Remember that the choice always remains only for you. Fortunately, if your choice is reasonable, Mature and balanced.

Different people will look for help in different places. Some will turn to their own internal resources, encouraging them in difficult times. Others will seek solace in esoteric or spiritual practices of various kinds. Others will try to drown his sorrow in wine and even in the pleasant company of comrades. Others will pick up the courage to go to a psychologist who quite skillfully is able to combine in your work research methods, spiritual practices, simple human compassion and a reminder that the key to healing is in the soul of the client.

Col (Uskova), Valeria Alekseevna
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