My answer to this question is "no, not worth it", for if once you decided to find yourself a wife, and a mistress, you do not need to meet. This idea would yield some success. Just you are not lucky, like most people, marriage work with his constancy and commitment ate out of relationships all the passion, which now hold your relationship with a hobby.

About 23 years of life has put in front of me the stone of Ilya Muromets with the inscription:
  • Left go - vocal you find.
  • Right go - English know.
  • More rights go to journalism wander.
  • But here you go - a psychologist will become.

Four options and only one vacant seat for the wife, which was psychology. Me they all loved, but it was the stars that psychology was in the right place at the right time. But where to put the remaining three roads, where as a lot of my energy?

Someone will say that I married at the time, but in 23 years I felt it was time to make the very difficult choice to go his own way, taking responsibility for the consequences. I chose and took it.

One girl became a wife and three mistresses, I mean hobby.

the interesting point that the wife made friends with one of his mistresses - journalism. Thanks to their Union, you are now reading this text. The vocals are still actively trying to repel me, although hardly something shines, to be Frank. However some say that we still look good. But my English mistress was quite a pen PAL, although I remember her with warmth and when it is possible to talk, even though it was hard, I always remain grateful to you.

I'm not monogamous, but our Swedish family, I also believe, although the cooperation of psychology and journalism gives us some hope that other mistress will catch up.

I am against mixing work and hobby, but there is one exception, when a hobby complements the work as journalism psychology. But for this mistress and wife should be very aware and free from prejudices women. It is a rarity.

All the love, warmth, interesting work and hobby! And a happy new year!

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