You're a psychologist, and to raise important philosophical themes to reach the consciousness of the citizens... I almost choked when I heard this from Mr Paton.
- What should I? Where to reach? br>
- Olga, look at my last article, she's nothing. Well, what is magic money?! You kind of adult, sane person, spend trainings, books clever read, and sometimes write such nonsense. Want money - let go the stick, and not the wallets of the oil smear. In the end, you people will not be taken seriously after this...

Vladimir - my dear people in retirement. And, of course, to his opinion, I always listened, but as it turned out, not this time. br>
Actually, why shouldn't I believe it?
Or why can't I have my weaknesses?
Or should not be angry?
Or to be different, and not yourself? the
to Write some complex scientific works or some technique?
I don't have to do all this only because I had someone put the label of psychologist? br>
And if I like what I do.
If I like to write about simple. And quite often write about complicated, but in simple words...

But if for me, easy at first glance, has a more profound meaning?
I have always admired people who are very complex technical things can explain literally on fingers. br>
Simplicity is easier to bear, easier to digest and, most importantly, everyone needs.
Nobody wants to bother and read complex works. I don't want to judge anyone and talk about "good or bad", it just is.
the World we have now is built on the premise of simplicity. br>
With an automatic transmission just to drive a car...
dishwasher and washing machine just to wash all the dishes and things.
Just by pressing one button, you can get through....
just Prepare...
just call a taxi...
All you want to do this "simple." br>
Yes, it is possible, according to Mr Paton, that "just" we have become superficial, not wanting to take in the essence of the problem. But, if you imagine that the younger generation will abandon the information because it is difficult and long, it generally stuck. Or will be enough information on tops. br>
And due to the fact that someone gives this simplicity, they read it. While delayed in difficulty themselves getting to the analysis, and "excavations". br>
Explain with a simple example.
I will Not pretend to be a goddess of cookery, and frankly, I absolutely can't bake. But, thanks to the sites that are teeming with slogans like "cooking quick and tasty", I often bake. Even going for the new year to amaze your family with cheesecake. And sure of the outcome, I'm just saying this... I believe you. And if I fail, then easily repeat again. br>
Why would I want a complex world, in which I will have to give up, not even having time to climb?! I remember from my childhood that all ingenious is simple.

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