Prompted me to write this material one friend, a blogger, or rather his post. In particular, he wrote the following: "In the marketing Department of 16 thousand in 15 minutes, in which I "turned on the charm" turned into a 9 thousand. And no fantasies like NLP and Gating. Regular participation, good slack smile, lively, but not excessive interest to the person and his opinion. A couple of funny stories, jokes kindly (...) to Manipulate people - it's very easy, I repeat...". I had in my comments a bit to disappoint him, but at the same time again to think about the image of neurolinguistic programming, because this is not an isolated case.

When, for example, I watch TV programs about NLP (e.g., one in which a lady with a very sharp and unpleasant voice periodically broadcasts something like: "NLP – neurolinguistic programming – a course in psychology, which allows you to manipulate people, subjecting them to his will, not noticeable for them"), I get scared. Scary and interesting. About the same as watching the popular science film about the mold. About mold but I turned off after ten minutes because it became boring (thesis: mold everywhere, it's varied, some types of it dangerous), but about NLP usually watch to the end, if no clients or trainings. There is usually a rough thesis: NLP is everywhere, it is dangerous and diverse.



neuro-linguistic programming can indeed be an effective instrument of manipulation, it can be used to coerce a person to fulfill your desire to share your point of view, to change his mood. Even more powerful, however, are usually gun (think don Corleone), or, say, alcohol. Or female hysteria, or order management. Or the smile of the child, or the abandoned handset. Humanity uses a huge amount of tools to influence one individual to another, which itself was up for all the years of evolution, from the stone axe on the skull and ending (how to finish? tools and multiply) promotion through web 2.0, for example.
But NLP, in fact, was conceived (the history view, if you want, for yourself) and developing now not to do this. One need only look at the definition of NLP in Wikipedia: "neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is a field of knowledge that studies the structure of subjective experience of people involved in the development of the language of its description, disclosure mechanisms, and modeling experience to improve and transfer of identified models to other people". Here! No manipulation, malice and the like. Okay?
No? to
Explain. Will tell you as their clients – friendly.

There exist people who have something better than average from others. Isinbayeva jumps high, Hvorostovsky sings, and my mom is the best baked pancakes (okay, okay, your mom is too!) And sometimes you want to jump higher too, not false or sing or eat, in the end. Sometimes it's not just a desire, but more serious problem: training of players, for example (that did not work, as the winter Olympics in 2010). You can make the first pancake is not lumpy at once and all subsequent, too? the

this is NLP. It examines the experience, isolate that it is important and come up with exactly how these are important things to communicate to others with maximum efficiency.

In early childhood, I often untied shoelaces. Tie like to know how – the same node on the same bow. – and they untied and all. Parents tied a single knot, pull the laces with the words: "Here, look!", tightened the knot and tied the bow. I tried to repeat it. Tightened the knot so that cracked and the laces and the shoes. But laces were still undone!! Only by accident once I realized that the chip is not in node, not in the bow. You will have to pull the laces! Parents did not to demonstrate the weave, but because it is necessary for a quality site. It was important, without which the laces untied.

neuro-linguistic programming was created and used in order to UNDERSTAND how, due to what exactly obtained a particular result; to HIGHLIGHT in this specifics the basic, most important and, in the end, it determines the achievement of results; to TRANSMIT the knowledge to others so that they don't just know about it and can use it. That is, you may not know exactly by what, but will obviously jump higher, sing better, cook tastier, doing some obligatory actions (or even just thinking in a certain way), which will guarantee you the result with great success, than you had previously.
Ready "recipes" (=models) NLP had already accumulated a lot. With their help you can learn and the book faster to write, and to dance the envy of all, and change their personal history, to create well-being, to build a happy and long married life. There are also techniques that allow you to do the most "intelligible" to the consumer advertising, to conduct effective negotiations to successfully sell a product to build profitable business and so on. That can be one, with the help of NLP can be explored and presented to the rest of the public.
for Example, you know how to put it in... intramuscular? If Yes, then it is likely that you are doing almost as well as recommended model is "a practical skill to carry out intramuscular injection". Those who do not know how, can study a model has this skill to acquire. And this applies to exams, conflict resolution, ability to gain the trust and many other skills that have already been described in models of NLP. Much of what is in NLP, you already know and do. Only not aware that this is what applies to neurolinguistic programming. When the lady at the shop window excitedly says to her husband: "Honey, look what a wonderful coat!", is NLP or life event?;)

But, to be honest, at the time, I am personally interested in NLP as a manipulative technique (because most of it is not known). I realized that if there is such a terrible thing, then it is better to know than not. In fact, neuro-linguistic programming was much broader and more interesting than a simple dirty manipulation, that was a pleasant discovery.

As you apply to neuro-linguistic programming, you choose for yourself. But my clients are pleased to learn models of success that really work, because it is taken from real life people who have everything just so. As the motto of one (Ufa) center of NLP-technologies "Life will teach, but we're faster!". And this is exactly what is really involved in NLP.

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