I am often approached for counseling women in the expectation that I will do some hocus pocus, pachamana and her life will magically change, a miracle will come and will make all for it)). And at the first consultation, she understands that I am not a shaman ((and specialist in his field, a good knowledge of the structure of personality, the relationship with yourself, the people and the world, with quite a lot of practice and I pity not to take the tale of Tom, because.... I'm not listening. Got to work on your own miracles.

Spring time is a time of exacerbation of weaknesses in a person:

1.Health: mind, physics, and energy.

2.Development: intellectual, personal, professional.

3.Relationship: with his world, loved ones, partners,

Paticulate! Spring is the time to learn the wonders! A miracle is not a dream, not magic from the wizard you invented and not something for what you need to chase and catch or wait for the dream that it will come and do.... Will not come! This need to learn! Like any skill, profession,

1. You need to make a choice is a Path, a Way of Life!
2. The need to learn.
3. Daily practice.
4. Remove that which hinders.
5. Self-discipline - personal responsibility!
6. Faith, not Hope!
7. Clearly understand and know: Why do I need it? That would be what?
8. To learn how to work with your own intention right!
9. The miracle is it is work!! But sooooo nice!
10. And here is your version - what a miracle.
good luck to you, my dear! And remember:
the Doctrine of Light.
instead of teaching little light to work!

Since 2005 I work with executives and their teams know their tasks and problems not by hearsay, and in this period it has changed and prosperity for the entrepreneurs began to be longer and heavier, and novice counterparts do hard have to survive and get stronger! All kinds of Learning this business is an important investment, but the profit does not increase immediately, but the company every day need to live on that and pay the bills.
What to do?Nachto need to focus their attention and efforts?

1. On the uniqueness of your products and services.
2. On the High professionalism and competence in their field.
3. A mutually beneficial partnership with relevant professionals and directions.
4. The preparation of tasty and best deals for customers.

5. Competent, Correct and develop Recommendations.
it All someone has to do it! But often the very specialist or Manager not before, given how much in addition to this we have to do, I was at your place for a long time!

Poetology can do their work and be happy.
And what about this do you think?

Elena G.
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