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Know what is a pathological fear?
fear It's beyond reasonable, you can't cope, sometimes you don't even find him obyasnenie.
No man in the world who would not afraid of anything. A complete lack of fear would put humanity on the brink of extinction. The main function of fear is to protect a person from danger. He acts natural, inesperada protection from danger. When a person perceives a situation as threatening, the body sends a signal triggering a mode of self-preservation.

are You afraid of heights? This is normal. Your fear saves you from falling. The fear of a blazing fire burns. You will not fear drown in the depths of the ocean and the raging waves. You may be afraid of certain people, animals and even objects. So your gut protects you from possible danger. Fear is what protects you. To have fears is normal.

One day I was in the Elevator that had no roof. Rise up, look up, and there you - open sky, higher and higher. Feeling those yet. In fairness, I note that the absence of the upper part I noticed only when I went. Well what could I say, in my head, everything was swimming and I was driving with my eyes closed. And it is fine out and everything, but still had to come back down. I went in, looked around, and went down well, already much more cheerful. Not to say that it is a pleasure to ride such elevators, but if absolutely nothing will rise on the 10th floor, I'll choose it, rather than to walk. Yes, it was a clash with fear, but the problem is not.

But sometimes, fear becomes a problem. And then we have to destroy it? But to destroy your own means to go against nature, against deep-seated mechanism of self-preservation.

It is not only people, but animals, they too fall under the influence of panic. I was once witness to a dog almost went crazy and tossed about during a storm at the house, she was terrified, unable to cope with his fear.

the Man is extremely difficult to control themselves during such attacks:

🌪the body is in a state of panic,

🌪constrained motion,

🌪there is a heart, breathing, broken,

🌪there is a feeling of suffocation, dizziness,

🌪thoughts confused and clouded,

🌪action disrupted, the body seems to be “not his”

🌪you feel you can't control your emotions, feelings and movements, or do so with great difficulty,

🌪the semiconscious state,

🌪there is a feeling that you are losing your mind.

How many phobias, so many of their variations. Maybe you have a phobia... maybe you even know why, when and how it originated, but so far nothing can do about it. What triggers your panic? A sound, a smell, a picture, a color, an unknown emotion, some phrase, a kind? Once you get familiar only to you the situation, your condition stops you to obey, and within a certain time can not be controlled. Maybe you still don't know the nature of their conditions and they continue to harrass you and deny a full life.

Phobias are diverse, all of them are listed: the fear of depths, heights and enclosed spaces. People of a certain gender or status. Fear of change is inherent in so many and we are dealing here with enormous resistance faced by anyone who tries to do something new in my life. The fear of death, disease, sexual relations. Stage fright, to be in a leading position, fear to manifest. Fear of certain natural phenomena: storm, storm, hurricane. The fear of insects. And a lot of things.

a Separate space to children's fears. It's usually those early anxiety and distress experienced in adulthood, which the child could not cope, which was significant for him, maybe a long time and have not had the support of adults. The violation of the relaxed atmosphere, the instability of the family system, unpredictable behavior of the parents or one of them - all this will be destructive for the child and every time to cause severe anxiety, then fear.

to Deal with his pathological fear is not easy, but possible. And the first step that you can do in this fight is not run from your fear, don't hide your head in the sand, and to recognize its existence and tell yourself that you are ready to deal with it.

Author: Anna Sazonova (Anna Lavier), family psychologist  

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