Let's talk about the fact that when a person is shy and uptight, then this is usually reflected in all areas of his life, and quite often sex is no exception.

I want to tell you about my job as a psychologist, sex therapist with a client from Moscow. She had problems of the following nature: a woman has not experienced orgasm with the husband, and in General the sex was uninteresting to her.


But now it has ceased to hold client, and if it for a long time faked an orgasm, but now firmly decided to get rid of it, and to feel all its charms.

We left on one of the components of its sexual problems: it was shyness and restraint.

the Client was reminded of the story of his youth. Once, when she fell asleep, the girl had an erotic dream where someone was screaming: "I want you".

Then the client woke up abruptly, afraid her parents will hear, but nothing happened. And I, like a good psychologist, just helped her to erase that memory, bringing the perception of the situation to neutral.

the Second memory was her early childhood: when she was 10 years old, sleeping in the next bed father she saw "something" that fell from the family of cowards. Then she felt ashamed and uncomfortable, the girl turned away. But the negative state it remained, adding to a kind of aversion to the male genitals.

And of course, as an experienced psychologist, I failed her to ensure that she's not 10 years, and a lot more, and it is necessary to remove itself from the children's ideas. Now the client has changed this to "the desire to know the man."
Then, as often happens, the client remembered more fortunate friends, who already had a relationship, I she was alone then. At that time, the girl invented some kind of self-punishment: she scolded herself, calling "ugly", tugging at his hair.
Now she understood that it is necessary to change the perception of ourselves, but instead: the warmth, love, tenderness and care from her husband.
Therefore, the first step towards its desired state have been made.

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