the Siblings - it's a common word, which came from the West, convenient to refer to both the brothers and sisters. The analogue in the Russian language there.
the Theme of siblings raised in the context of kinship with seriously ill children.

Obviously, life changes when it appears a sick child that requires constant maintenance and care. The siblings in this period often fade into the background. Like they are healthy, and the time to devote, but to feed, clothe, do not have. Because the other child takes away all the time.

depending on the established parent-child relationships siblings can experience very different feelings in connection with the illness of brother/sister of sympathy and resentment that all the attention goes to another.

in Other words, siblings remain psychologically deprived. And this is also an important theme for the work of the psychologist with the family in a situation of child palliative.

the Child, healthy or ill, remains a child. And he needs attention and care, regardless of health status and age.

the Theme of siblings in normal families, rises in the context of Soviet postulates about the responsibilities of the senior to follow Junior, to take care of them.

Personally I am strongly against, and as a mother and as a psychologist. Elder sibling - the same child as the younger, and the children should not raise children, to sit with them, walk with them, feed them, etc., especially when talking about very young children. This is all the duties of a parent.

to instill in children the desire to help others is a laudable idea, but the older children are born not to help parents with the younger. They can help if you want. But they did not have parents.

each child has its own trajectory of development in each age period he needs their toys, their friends, their threads of communication that are appropriate to his own age.

Vzroslii older child to term through the education of young means to take away his childhood and all of his CHILDREN's RIGHTS, exactly the same as in younger children:

- the right to service someone
- right to care (the degree of attention, participation, inclusion)
- the right not to be mindful of our duties
- the right to be spontaneous.
- the right to think about their desires and needs
- the right to feel and their needs
- the right not to be a parent of a younger child,
- the right to cry
- the right not to be responsible for the actions of others
- the right to equal the attitude of parents to themselves and to other children in the family,
- the right to parental love is unconditional.

it Often happens that the last item is put at the forefront and is the only argument to force the older kids to do a Jr. It is a cruel manipulation, which will not be in vain. The older children will always remember that they cheated, that they demanded more for the opportunity to feel like beloved children, and in return they received not the same as the younger.

the film "My angel" - a beautiful and simultaneously terrible illustration of the extreme situation when parents have one child to benefit another.

Demidov Angela
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