Silence for me at all has always been the most cruel punishment. It is extremely depressing effect on me and others whom I have met. Sometimes humiliating, scary, and ominous, if reminisce . It caused a wild uncontrollable anxiety, often hurt or angry. After a flurry of accusations insults and assaults. I to be honest very hard to accept in the response. But today, I wanted to keep silent about many things, to be quiet. And the silence was unusual. It was apparent disgust, alienation, powerlessness and a strange bitterness. Despite the bitter taste in my silence, I was curious to see what's going on with me and why I choose "silence"?! What's in it for me today? Punishment, a form of expression of anger or powerlessness, play, female manipulation?! What do You demand?
For me it is the freedom to withdraw and to talk with him, the one who best understands, knows how to criticize, able to maintain and even postebatsya. Not to get involved in the conflict, unnecessary disassembly, to maintain relationships, to give responsibility, to think and finally just a PAUSE, which is lacking in the relationship.
what did You mean SILENCE?
For me...
Silence is the best way of meeting him.
in Itself, SILENCE has tremendous power. It's situational, but immensely powerful. In the same silence could fingers to break, to kill, to destroy, to ruin. And in another make, to be able to be there in the third - to plunge into their feelings, to "take a break" and look through a transparent sphere, on what is happening around. But in all its manifestations, it is silent, requires strength and patience. And so IT is in any of its manifestations has such a powerful effect on others, as is the evidence that this man is endowed with these qualities...
the desire to remain silent and to choose yourself, it is important to inform the other. Otherwise, the relations appear gaps and omissions, pain and resentment, anxiety and fear, many of which are born because of "dumb silence" is not tolerated in the relationship and often they end with a gap.
of Course talking about myself is very scary and even dangerous. In silence, the words belong to me. As said already I belong to words and are responsible for them.
Think like this? And our reactivity to it.
In the silence of the senses are so viscous and sticky, sometimes even scary, as if falling into the abyss and no strength to say or do anything . The power of the senses that are pulling into the abyss that is proportional to the strength of silence.
Because without movement. I "paused" so that they are not tangential, but is entirely through me. I fall, and trust themselves and the world. Breaking the silence, I start from experiences. Surfacing from his own silence, gain strength, tranquility and finding BALANCE.
Who and when to stop? Curious? Only I.
what, You trust yourself to remain silent? Or conversely, do You close in silence?
I rarely see such a phenomenon as a strong anxiety of another and merge it with what is happening, which shatters to pieces the silence and contact with their feelings. Deprives of any meaning, further interaction is included racketeering in the system , and there is a substitution of these authentic feelings, emotions and needs on the affective reaction that kills the communication, makes it painful for everyone. Since the racket is playing the outdated strategies of behavior, of feeling that often stretches from childhood.

so, to sum up a little! The silence that frightens, offends, Angers, exasperated like it's an old old story in which it was positive or negative stroking, where he earned the experience and the response I gave in the context of what is happening. Ask why? Again, it's simple! To satisfy their need.
the Need for security, acceptance, belonging. If all is well, just! Why is this so complicated!
About it in another article I think will still be around to ponder and share with You.

ps: glad that my silence today is conscious and out of it too. The desire to hear and to listen to themselves and acquired a delicious color and smell, you want more and more. #spookaroonie #ationalize #paleocristiane

Forty Svetlana
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