Almost a hundred gathering ago, the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud formulated one of the basic rules of psychotherapy: "the therapist should not talk more than being able to speak the client". In most cases, perhaps with the exception of severe depression, psychotic States, etc. this rule is true.

Often, people who first came for consultation to the psychologist waiting for ready answers, recipes and tips: "how to make my husband to love me?" or "do you like a specialist, he will explain!" etc is not realistic queries. Deep request and the essence of the problem send us back always to the questioner, i.e. himself, to his "I" with this problematic becomes possible effective work of the psychologist: "I want to be loved", "I want to be a witness to Others!" - thus he can sound deep, real need, which is to understand and operate.

I truly believe that all the answers to the customer's problem inside it. The goal of the psychologist is to become a conductor and assistant of the client in his journey inward. Attempts guidance, advice, options, and how to do that, undermine the internal resources of the client, making it weaker and dependent on the psychologist.

In my opinion, the deepest analysis of their problems, actions can only give the client. The task of counseling and psychotherapy, akin to the art of Socratic dialogue and maieutics (gr. childbirth) to help, to give a tip to the client in his quest, and only in a few cases, being confident of the truth of their conclusions, offer the client your opinion, but only as one of many theoretically possible. The final decision always rests with the client.

many of you the question may arise: "Why should I go on consultation to the psychologist, if all the answers are inside of me?" It is, therefore, to go on reception to the psychologist, because all the answers are inside you! In order to hear yourself and your answer You need questioner about reality itself, the "mirror" looking at that, you can see yourself through the eyes of Another, and thus to be without masks and to be empathically understood and accepted, no matter how you find yourself in.

a deep, internal study of the possible only when it is quiet and silenced the sounds of everyday life and the client in the process of therapy is faced with the true yourself, without masks and protection. The psychoanalytic technique of silence is very deep (there is even a psychological training "Silence" - when a group within 1 hour and silent sitting) is due to the fact that the client does not give ready-made cognitive schemas, and behavioral models, all laid out for him on the shelves, and leave it face-to-face with your Being, with your true self, which he often forgot, lost, suppressed as a young child, it is possible personal growth, is returned to the client its capacity in the silence to be heard by himself. A customer from smyslopolaganie itself, its actual Genesis. Of course, such therapy is more long term and require significant financial and psychological costs, but the result is worth it! After all, the most precious thing You have is yourself!

If you are interested in this info, You can apply to me for psychological counseling.

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