Simple question

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a Simple question.

One day, during the session I asked the client "why can't you just imagine such a possibility that the problem can be stopped at any time?".

This question excites my mind for its irony and depth that lies behind the apparent simplicity. And really, why? It is strange to realize, but actually these simple truths and basic actions are fraught with fathomless depth of knowledge. "Why can't I stop my problem right now?".

Reflecting on this subject I can select for itself such possible reasons for my "Why?".

  1. the Truth of my desires. Do I wish that the problem which has my mind suddenly gone? It is possible that at this stage of her life, she only covers up a more serious problem, deeper and therefore this immediate problem just won't let me crumble to pieces under the pressure of a disturbing factor. It may be that I unconsciously really want to cook in this thread and more, and outwardly, rationally, I want to solve for the visibility of its effectiveness.
  2. willpower. Will have enough forces for the solution of this problem? I am more than sure that will be enough. And here, as in many of our other accomplishments do I need a special punch, special incentive, a special wish that will force me to get off the couch and to resolve this issue. Simply put, perhaps this is a problem in its intensity is below the threshold of my perception, and it therefore seems to me not worthy of my intervention. Willpower, lack of discipline, weakness, it all is able to ruin me in the long run, and already doing it now.
  3. is it Really my problem? I think the answer to yourself this question to really end the problem immediately, when it is not really mine. Then I can easily make a deal with yourself, and ascribe all their problems to other people, but...they absolutely will not lose their importance for me. There should be Frank and honest with you. If the problem in fact is not mine, it automatically ceases to exist in my focus, of course, if I have no need to solve other people's problems and accept them as their own. Here you can see the item 1.
  4. you Solve the problem in principle? Perhaps this is the most difficult question that I ever answered to myself. It's tricky to write about it. I can honestly say that I don't always know how to really solve a particular question. Perhaps this is telling me my defense mechanisms or will power, injured in the previous fights, and maybe it's a simple intuition which gives typically the right answers. I don't know. Here everyone tends to pick their own individual answer. Yes, there are objective truths that we cannot change, such as the movement of our planet, but I don't think it is for someone a problem.

the client Asking this simple question, I had no idea how complicated it is and how it can enter into a stupor person who really starts to think, to listen to your feelings, sensations, and look for the answer to this very simple question.

Maksym Stefanenko
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