Simple truths in questions and answers. Part 2


Dear friends! We continue to publish the answers of Oleg Gadetsky G. to the questions that were asked by participants at one of the seminars. You will learn about how to support seriously ill person, whether to divorce after 20 years of marriage how to tell 4-year-old daughter of divorced parents, and more. br>
Question 6. "Oleg Georgievich, how do You feel about the definition of its purpose with the help of astrology?".

the Astrologer can help You to choose the direction of the search mission, but to realize it You should own.

Question 7. Elena: "it's easy for Me to communicate with women and with men difficult. I tense, adapt, want to look better. How to build a deep relationship with men of different ages?".

Your communication with men has its origins in relationship with the father. First you need to establish a relationship with him and clear your inner world of fear. Let me in your heart, respect, forgiveness and gratitude, and all the rest will happen by itself.

Question 8. Tatiana: "Good day! How to learn to understand 11-year-old boy? How to return harmony to a relationship in which there is much controversy, disputes and grievances?".

the Teenager is a child who needs to learn to communicate on an equal footing and to respect his freedom of choice. To 11 – 12 years energy of the child is closely connected with power of parents. From about 11 – 12 years old or a little earlier, the subtle body of the child begins to detach from parents and the very nature forces him to act. br>
Often, parents without realizing it, begin to fight with a child. They believe that it is their property and should do what they say. Acting with force or they will break the teenager, and he'll make a "dependent personality" or multiply its aggression, which will lead to the loss of relationships. In such a situation, for adults need to be wise and love. It is important to discuss with your child their differences, to listen to his opinion and understanding is gradually restored.

Question 9. Olga: "Oleg, Hello! Tell me, how to survive failure in different spheres of life: at work, in personal life, in sports, etc.".

Send all forces on search of good luck, a real relationship and his calling. You're not going to fight the darkness in the room? You just turn on the light. It all depends on what strategy you select. If you turn on the light, darkness will disappear, so here – good luck will appear in Your life as soon as You tune.

Question 10. Elena: "Hello! We are waiting for a third child. When kids do something wrong, often I fail. How to learn to control your emotions?".

in young children there is no such reason as You. Accept the fact that they are different and without the help of adults do not survive. The second point, you should have a personal space in which You could recover and find themselves. When there is completeness, peace, joy, inner peace, people can easily cope with their emotions. Need to negotiate with the husband and find time to walk or go to a concert. All of this is important and is of great importance for recovery. And yet, when a woman is expecting a child, these emotional States can naturally arise in her position.

Question 11. Sergey: "Good day! Would like to know, how important is it for men know your Kind."

You Know his Race or not is a secondary issue. In the first place, man you must respect your father and establish a relationship with him. You need to become a child who shows respect and gratitude to their parents. When that happens on a subtle level, the person receives the power of blessings of all Kinds. She will come to him through parents and she will elevate him on the ladder of realization of the destination.

secondly, you need to become a man or a woman, take his nature and unleash it. Become a man or a woman means that really need to be a father or mother, husband or wife. Everything else in Your life is likely enough to organically reveal itself.

Question 12. Alexander: "We are now with his wife divorced. Daughter 4 years. Like, not injuring mentality of the child, to tell her?".

Alexander, thank you for Your wisdom, sensitivity and love for his daughter. Not many men have such a culture and responsibility. Daughter is very important to know that despite the divorce of her parents, they love her equally. She also has the right to love each of you, regardless of what you have developed relationships. Just tell her: "Now it so happened that we live separately. Know that mom and I love you very much". It is very important to understand and be confident that she has the love of the father and mother.

Question 13. Elena: "How to help a loved one with cancer, when most have no strength to accept and understand it? I want to give everything, but when you realize that nothing depends on you, you do not want to live. The problem is that I can't let go man."

our life is not by chance come painful situation that I have to survive and live near family. Now you have the most important period of the relationship where your love will be tested. You can give Your loved one a lot more than in my whole previous life. Relationships are given to us in eternity, but eternity must be sought in the present. Take this situation and give all that you need to another person. In life always be trials that will test our value system. Do not avoid them, and go to meet them.

Question 14. Maxim: "I am now at a very crucial stage of life. I've come to understand that you need to change something. I understand that the main aim of every soul in the world to come to God, but there is one "but". I know all this, but to put does not start, why? Maybe it's hard to go lucid and correct way, which is beyond me? What to do in this situation? I really hope for Your answer."

Maxim, thank you for Your culture. Are you open to the gifts that gave You life. You gratefully took them, so they are now revealed in Your life. Actually You have already all right, but not enough good men's fellowship. Search for like-minded people and the help of God.

By nature man is very independent and wants to achieve everything by himself. In this sense, it is easier for women to walk the spiritual path of development than men. But the man takes great strength, if he starts to feel the support of God. Open your heart and turn to God asking for help. Based on it, follow the selected direction.

Question 15. Irina: "Oleg Kireyev, Hello! I want to ask a very important question. In relations with the husband we have no harmony. We constantly argue, agree, disagree and so for 20 years. Her husband left her for another woman, but I held it and now he drinks heavily. At the thought that we part, it hurts me. It turns out a vicious circle. How do You feel about the fact that we took out of a relationship and we can leave?".

You from the relationship and took all the bad things that you had, and all the best missed. The time has come for the next 20 years to learn to take the best. Just so no one comes into a person's life. In relationships, God sends us partners, the task of which is to teach us to be disciples and to gain power failures. I can't explain right now.

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the text of the article prepared on the basis of the webinar Oleg Gadetsky "Simple truths in questions and answers."

Gadetsky Oleg
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